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Gotham: A Batman Story Without Batman

September 23, 2014

Batman must be my favorite superhero because he is human and he doesn’t have superpowers.  Everyone knows he lives in Gotham.. “a city where legends are born and villains will rise”.

Gotham is a new TV series by Warner TV which will premiere in the Philippines on Thursday, September 25. We got the chance to see the pilot episode last night and the story is an interesting take on Batman’s history. Gotham is a Batman story without Batman.


From executive producer/writer Bruno Heller, the one-hour drama will follow James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) rise through the Gotham City police department. It also focuses on the characters who will become DC Comics most renowned and enduring villains – a teenaged Selina Kyle – the future Catwoman (Camren Bicondova) and Oswald Cobblepot – known as Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). It is also the debut of a notorious gang boss Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smitth), and who knows, we might meet new characters (and villains) as the story progresses.

The pilot episode is compelling and intense. Bruce Wayne’s story and the death of his parents would always give that hard feeling even if it is the story that we all knew. Seeing the scene once again was like seeing it through the young Bruce’s eyes.

The Gotham City is a dark city, and the show gives that dark feel in the screen contrast. The drama seems like a cut of a detective action series and a superhero drama show (like Smallville).

What would probably make me hooked about this new Gotham series is the history that make Penguin and Catwoman (and other villains) who they are as we know them – enduringly dangerous.

Here’s the dangerous villain tonight! 🙂

Gotham has been fast-tracked to Asia and debuts on Thursday, September 25 in the Philippines at 9pm (just two calendar days after the US world premiere!).

Warner TV is available on Sky cable Channel 77, Destiny Cable Channel 80 and CIGNAL channel 66.

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