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SM Mall of Asia’s International Food Fest: A Gastronomic Journey!

September 3, 2014

One need not go far or take a plane to experience an array of good food and international food fest. The SM Mall of Asia will hold its International Food Fest to showcase an exciting line-up of activities for foodies and culinary enthusiasts. Mark the date September 5 to 30, 2014.

What to expect from Mall of Asia International Food Fest?

  • 50 participating restaurants to showcase dishes prepared exclusively for the month-long celebration
  • Special Eats photo exhibit at the Main Mall Atrium, Main Mall Entrance
  • Live Cooking Demonstration by Tempura and Sbarro on September 5 and Claw Daddy, New Orleans and Vikings on September 12 (starts at 5:30 pm).
  • Contests and treats! (keep on strolling please!)

We got to try some of the restaurants’ international food fest entries through a culinary journey in Mall of Asia. No passports, no luggage required. We only needed to bring our happy-selves and eager tummies, and we were on for a great treat.

Our first stop:

Click Read More to know more about the SM Moa International Food Fest!

Tempura Japanese Grille

It is my first time in Tempura Japanese Grille and I am thankful that the resident chef was there to serve us the store’s bestsellers. I just needed to sit back, relax and enjoy the food (and maybe take some pictures).
My view 😉 Not shrimps 🙂
We first had colorful, refreshing drinks
Four Seasons Php 90
Banana Nut Php 90
Cucumber Mint Php 80 (sooo refreshing!)
Watermelon Shake (Php 160)
To whet the appetite, we were served with Tempura’s official entry to the International Food Fest – The Dragon Roll. It is king prawn tempura rolled in Japanese rice with mango and cucumber seasoned with Terriyaki Sauce.

The teriyaki sauce makes it a little weak but I love the crunch and bite of this roll.

The Sukiyaki was served next. I love the bitter after-taste of the mushroom.
The Kaisen Raisu is a meal in itself. It is a sweet and spicy fried rice with shrimp, scallops, cream dory, corn, carrots, and asparagus with spicy and crunchy anchovies. But of course, it is best enjoyed with Honey Miso Glazed Salmon and Tempura.
For dessert, we met a star with the Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake
There were 20 bloggers invited by SM Mall of Asia who got to try the different participating restaurants’ Special Eats (check the hashtags in IG #MOAIntFoodFest!). I was so glad to be part of this group. Crazy boys, and girls (yes, girls! Love you Rod!)
I could stay in Tempura forever, and eat the Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake! But then, we needed to hop in to the next restaurant – Sbarro!

I was just talking about pizza in this post, and how we tend to find comfort in the pizza stores we grew up with – despite the many pizza parlors opening in the country today. I love the smell of Sbarro! We were welcomed by Sir Fred Salvador, Philippine Master Franchisee in the Mall of Asia store – 1 of the top 10 biggest stores (in terms of sales) all over the world.


Sir Fred started working for SBarro at the age of 12, and he literally grew up in the store. I remember my first taste of SBarro pizza! It probably swayed my food preferences and liking for anything Italian. During our visit, we got to try new products from SBarro (we are so lucky!).

TENEN!! This is Spaghetti Pomodoro with Sopressata

My favorite pasta from SBarro is the Baked Ziti, but looks like this stole my heart too! The sauce is well balanced – not too sweet, or sour – a good red sauce to introduce someone to Italian pasta. The Sopressata (spicy salami) is tender and gives a good kick to the red sauce. Generous serving of meat, yes! They say this is the actual serving portion! Wow!

Now, here’s SBarro’s official entry to the MOA International Food Fest..
Sicilian Square Pizza!

I would eat any pizza, but this one has got to have something special, especially that it came from SBarro. The presentation is simple, square pizza with slices of sopressata. What makes it special? The CRUST! There is something special about the soft crust, that it somehow felt like eating a lasagna. It is also topped with fresh tomato, and roasted garlic. The sauce keeps it moist and chewy. It is a different pizza experience.

What came next? You bet! Desserts! Sbarro would soon introduced Cinnamon Rolls (made from dough scraps!) to eliminate waste and provide more satisfying food for the guests (I love innovative ideas)!  I am not a fan of Cinnamon Rolls because I find them too sweet and.. just all sweets! But, if you are out on a food fest, you wouldn’t let go of a chance to taste innovative food just like what were presented to us..
Cinnamon Roll with Caramel Frosting

Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting

My verdict? Surprisingly, the Cinnamon Roll with Caramel Frosting is not at all sweet! But if I would have a cinnamon roll, I would probably have the Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting. I love the salty after-taste in the soft roll bun.


If you think that the food tour ended on a bite of Cinnamon Roll, Krispy Kreme does know how to end a fun food tour. We got to go inside the store and learnt how donuts are lovingly made..

Krispy Kreme
It was like grade school days once again as we lined up and got inside the Krispy Kreme kitchen. We got to know what’s going on behind the bar. Big machines and dedicated staff working on every loving piece of donuts! I love that safety and sanitation are observed in Krispy Kreme. Why, I suddenly missed working in the food industry!
Thank you Krispy Kreme for having us!

Would you also like to take part on this fun gastronomic treat?

Just visit the participating restaurants in the Mall of Asia, and you even get a chance to win awesome prizes!


For every order of the Special East Dish from the participating restaurant, you get a raffle coupon that would entitle you to win:
3rd Prize: One (1) round-trip ticket to any Air Asia Zest destination in the Philippines and Php 10,000 worth of Gift Certificates from IHOP.
2nd Prize: One (1) round-trip ticket to any Air Asia Zest destination in the Philippines and Php 15,000 worth of Gift Certificates from IHOP.
1st Prize: Two (2) round-trip tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Air Asia Zest, hotel accommodation via Air Asia Go and a tour package.
Stay connected with Mall of Asia social media accounts to know more about the online promo. The prizes at stake:
Two (2) lucky foodies will get a chance to dine with culinary luminaries at an exclusive Chef’s Table meal plus each will also get two (2) round-trip tickets to any Air Asia Zest domestic destinations.

Twitter: @TheMallofAsia
Instagram: @TheMallofAsiaOfficial

If you have food discoveries or Special Eats, post them on social media and use hashtags #MOAintlFoodFest #MOASpecialEats
Happy eating!

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