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Sneak Peak at Best Food Forward 2014

September 28, 2014

There is always a struggle inside me whenever I am invited to a food event. Part of me is (always) excited, part of me (sometimes) is guilty. How can you say no to a food event? Food is, afterall a basic need.

I made a commitment to eat healthier by  (1) eating more of organic food and (2) supporting the #MeatlessMonday campaign. But I always failed. I always find myself going on a food event, eating a lot and enjoying the meal.

Last Saturday, I found a good reason about attending a food event. It is the discovery of new food and businesses from the passionate and creative young entrepreneurs. The Best Food Forward is back! Now on its 4th year, another grand and exciting event is set for a festive holiday season.

What exactly is Best Food Forward? It is more than a food event. It is an intimate gathering of foodies, entrepreneurs and business newcomers. The event is organized to give businesses a chance to be discovered in a busy food scene. This year, the Best Food Forward will feature more than food stalls, but cooking demos, celebrity chef appearances, family attractions, celebrity guests and more surprises. I got to experience how the Best Food Forward works last Saturday in the Blackboard Restaurant in Podium. There were so much food, discoveries and pleasantries..

My food discoveries..

1. The Daily Jusa – it is dubbed as the newest juice cleanse in Manila. What makes it special? It is the most affordable at Php 150 per bottle (Php5,500 for five-day cleanse).

2. Big Dog’s Kitchen – A quick look at the Big Dog’s Kitchen’s table and I was already salivating. It is the ultimate comfort food for me. A simple ham and cheese sandwich – but it takes pride on its bread.

3.  Love, Agnessi – these cute cups of cookies greeted me on the next stall.. and the lovely ladies who offered me a taste of these pretty goodies were just so nice to offer a glass of milk (they said their cookies go well with milk). I had to say pass because I just juice. But these cookies are just so delicious. I had to be blunt and asked what made the cookies special? They said they use premium ingredients especially for the cacao. They did not disappoint though. I love the presentation too! Looked like mini-burgers 🙂

4. Kooky Pam – jumping to another stall, I was offered a box with these cookies! My first thoughts – super cute packaging! I love the individually wrapped cookies. They are selling it for Php 200 for a box of 5. I am having the Premium Cookie: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese and it is a new Red Velvet experience. I love that the cookie is not crumby but chewy, and the inner part is just soft – the kind that melts in your mouth with that kick of salty flavor from cream cheese.

5. Gourmet Garage – to break the sweetness in my palate, there was Gourmet Garage which served fun canapes and food. I love the presentation here – perfect for parties and events 🙂
6 VoilaJars – this got to be my favorite discovery from the sneak peak of Best Food Forward! No hard feelings for the others please. 🙂 I just love the idea of the instant cake in a jar! Instant pancakes are so 1980s, and cakes in jars businesses are everywhere. This new venture from VoilaJars is a just brilliant. I was even surprised to find Alyssa behind the stall! Yay! Good job girl!!
The cakes can last up to 1 year. To enjoy your cake, just simply mix it with water and heat in a microwave – then voila! The sample that they were offering was even smokey hot! It is like enjoying a freshly baked cake! Plus, you can even recycle those bottles.. look at that! 🙂


7. Kewpie – the next table got more than gourmet sandwiches and spreads, but also a big Kewpie doll! Kewpie also participated in the sneak peak. I love that the Kewpie mayonnaise is much creamier and less sour. Kewpie started as a small mayonnaise company in Tokyo in 1920s and now Kewpie is in the Philippines and even has more products for the market including salad dressings.
8. Deep Dips and Bon Bon Misua – I was surprised to see Chef Arnold Bernardo manning the stall for Deep Dips. I was clueless that he owns this venture – but I am glad that he recognized me from the Master Chef event in SM some three years ago. I am delighted to see a great selection of dips from tuna, eggplant and even mushrooms! Don’t forget the favorite bagoong (which is made even more interesting with chocolate!).
9. Marmalade Kitchen – the “sweet” journey ended with baked gems from Marmalade Kitchen. I have to say that the Dark Chocolate Cookie is really good. Why did I feel less guilty enjoying that dark chocolate cookie?

One of the event sponsors, Carnation also had something for the guests. Thank you!
It was truly a fun food journey! It was awesome to be surrounded with food, and foodies who are just passionate about food and cooking – add that we were in Center for Culinary Arts (CCA Market Cafe) where all the good chefs were born (including Chef Rosebud Benitez!).
If you want to experience the same gustatory journey, join the Best Food Forward 2014 happening on October 11 to 12 from 10 am to 8pm, with the new venue – Rockwell Tent in Makati.
The Best Food Forward is presented by Carnation and Kewpie. It has also partnered with Coca Cola Philippines, CCA, Marmalade Kitchen, Good Life, Clara Ole, Lee Kum Kee, San Remo, Tabasco, Elba, Sun Cellular, E-Plus, Make Believe Productions and Grab Taxi.
This years beneficiaries will be various flood victims. Please check out the Best Food Forward in Facebook to know more about this event.

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