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What Would You Wear to a Casino?

September 3, 2014

When we found out that my friend is getting married and is officially engaged (official, meaning it is in Facebook! Haha), we thought of organizing a bachelorette party for her. We thought that hiring a stripper is something that is too common, so we considered having an archery party, or sparty instead.

Another option that we are thinking is visiting a casino; but someone asked – what would you wear to a casino?  If you are deciding what to wear for a night out at a casino, then that slight anxiety that will be prickling you is not at all unusual. Deciding what to wear can often be the most stressful part of any occasion, and if your casino experience to date has been playing games at an online casino like Gaming Club then it’s quite understandable.

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Feeling good about what you look like and dressing appropriately for the occasion is always important. What you wear always says a great deal about you and people tend to develop their first impression of you in the first few moments, and if it is a bad one it is always difficult to change.

The first thing you should do is make a decision regarding the kind of impression that you wish to give. It is important to follow any prescribed dress code, but as the dress code for every casino we have ever come across as smart casual, that isn’t too much help. What is smart casual? It is still a tricky dress code for some. I define it as dressy top, (flirty) skirt and heeled shoes.

If you prefer to look conservative, and that is how you feel comfortable, then dress conservatively. You could wear a smart dress with a higher neckline and less jewellery. If you prefer a more casual look then you could choose dressy top and jeans (plus heeled shoes!).

You can also go glitzy and glam with an attractive cocktail dress matched with designer accessories. One can never go wrong with an expensive designer bag. Even if you are off to a chain casino where jeans might be more appropriate, then go for a bright jazzy top and plenty of bling. Remember, there is a huge difference between a club and a casino.

Anyway, whether we will go glitzy or girly for the bachelorette party, I would sure keep you posted (with an #OOTD post!).

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