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#YoLolo and #YoLola with Your Grandparents!

September 7, 2014

Two weeks ago, I visited my lola’s old house where my aunt (who recently passed away) was staying.  We visited to collect old photos, but the visit is like a trip back to the past as I look at the old furniture and antiques displayed that probably have witnessed my childhood years. The old house was once my playground.

Although I did not grew up and stayed in one house with my lola (my mom’s grandmother), I felt that I had spent more childhood years in her house than in our home. My mom started working as soon as I started attending school, and her mom (my lola) was the wonder woman who took the responsibility to look after me whenever she would be at work. I remember preparing for school in lola’s house, and going back there in the afternoon – until evening where my mom would pick me. The following day, it was the same routine. Did I get bored at all? No, because lola was a typical grandmother who would give everything to please the grandchild (and I was her youngest grandchild – the youngest daughter of her youngest daughter!). I remember she would always save chocolates for me, and willingly open a can of my favorite luncheon meat (if I didn’t like what’s in my plate!). That’s how she spoiled me – a little secret that we didn’t tell my mom.

Here’s one of the rare photos I have preserved (scanned) after
our house burnt down 8 years ago. I am glad that I was able to keep a copy!
Spend time with your elders..
While we are busy growing up, they are growing old..

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During vacation months, my aunt would require me and my brother to stay with lola during weekdays. In her home, I would sometimes help her in cleaning the house (including my aunt’s trophy collection. My aunt was a good bowling player!) and ensure that her sewing box (you guess, it was an old tin box of cookies!) had a good supply of threaded needles. She was that OC, that everyday she would sweep and mop the wooden stairs, and even when at rest, her hands were busy picking weevils from the rice.

Oftentimes, we would play cards – her favorite is this old deck of cards or sungka (oh my! I miss those days!).  My lola was my favorite playmate if my cousin (hello Kuya Arnel!) was not there to play Chess or Domino with me.

Few of the things I got to recover from the old house..
The deck of Spanish cards I used to play with lola
and our picture which was taken when she turned 83!
I am so sad it was ruined. 🙁

Before, I used to tell mom that I felt that I didn’t have a normal childhood. When my friends talk about playing outside, digging dirt, and dancing in the rain, I couldn’t seem to relate. All my childhood memories are filled with my lola, and her stories and experiences. (okay, my childhood memory is filled with memories of lola, Mario Bros and Contra 🙂). She used to share with me how she met my lolo, and how she was converted to our religion. She was also very proud to share how healthy she was and how she never felt toothache (ah very rare! She lost her teeth because of old age).  Oftentimes, the stories were all the same that she just repeatedly share them with me. That’s how old people are right, they never get tired of sharing their best stories.

She was a strong woman, with such a happy disposition. I oftentimes heard her singing, and when she laughed, it was heartfelt. She could throw witty jokes too.  It must probably why I didn’t feel like spending my childhood with an old woman who was 70 years older than I was.

Ah my lola, I sure missed her (and my aunt too!). The old house seemed so small now, and when I looked at every corner of it, memories came flashing back like I was just there yesterday. She died at the age of 92, and I remember she would sometimes call me “nanay”. I thought she had lived a good life – and her journey was over.

Looking back, it was not at all a wasted youth for me. I am glad that I had spent good times with lola. Who I am today is partly because of her, and her wisdom. My youthful view in life might probably because of her too!  I may have missed some of the fun times that most of the kids had enjoyed, but I thought I could always stay a kid at heart. The might have lost all the nice photos with lola when our house burnt down (and when the old house was ruined by storm), but my memories with lola will always stay with me.

#YOLOLO & #YOLOLA Only Live Once!

Grandparents. They’re the quiet yet amused voice that says yes when our parents say no. They never forget a birthday, even if sometimes, they forget how to spell your name. And for some unfathomable reason, the meals they cook are always the best. Win or lose, they always have a warm smile and comforting hug waiting just for us. Their presence keeps us grounded, because they represent our roots. They remind us of home. Grandparents have a special place in everyone’s hearts that a day was declared just for them! This September 7, make your grandparents feel loved, the way they’ve done for you all life. SM Supermalls believes in the value of family, so they’ve lined up special treats and activities that you and your grandparents can enjoy, in honor of their special day.

Treats from SM Supermalls!

Visit your lolo and lola and bring them to any SM mall from August 25 to September 7, because senior citizens will get special gifts and discounts from certain shops, restaurants and the SM Foodcourt.

The SM Store will give senior citizens a 10% discount for a minimum P1,000 single-receipt purchase of any regular-priced item, with senior citizen card and SM Advantage Card.

Groove into the music of 50s and 60s with the Rock, Retro Hits!

Don’t forget to take selfies with lolo and lola and live #yololo and #yolola! Post them on IG and get a chance to win Php5,000 GCs from SM Supermalls! 🙂 To find out more about the SM Supermalls’ Grandparents Day activities, visit this link: http://

It is a bit sad that I am officially an “grandkid orphan” – both my grandparents (mother and father sides) had passed away.  But it is a constant reminder to spend time with my loved ones, and to cherish every moment. So for now, I am spending my day with mom, and though I cannot give her the title yet of a “grandmother” (well, she is – thank you to my sisters), I am just glad that I am still her baby. 🙂

Happy Grandparents Day to all the loving lolo and lola’s! 🙂

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