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Easy-to-do Hairstyles from Philips

October 28, 2014

I was checking the pictures that were tagged to me on Facebook and I suddenly missed having a long hair. I used to have a long hair which I easily wore straight and long. When I got tired of it, I had a digiperm and wore sexy curls (which I loved because I could wash and wear it). Now, I am back to shoulder length and I missed having longer locks which I can style. 

Here are some of the easy-to-do-hairstyles for you girls courtesy of Philips and Ara Fernando.

Philips has always believed in helping women look and feel their best every day. More than just aiding Filipinas achieve this; the brand also understands the importance of doing this in a healthy, damage-free way. I love that these products not only deliver style, but also healthier hair.
“Every woman wants to look their best every day,” says Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle. “The challenge or feedback we get with styling hair, however, is that it can be time-consuming and even damaging.”
To simplify the task of getting beautiful hair everyday, Philips partnered with renowned hair stylist Ara Fernando to come up with easy-to-do hairstyles perfect for the modern Filipina lifestyle.

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According to Ara, “Once hair is damaged, it can be rather difficult to bring it back to its healthy state. To avoid this, you need to dry your hair before styling it.”
This first step is to create a nice base for your hairstyle by blow drying sections. With the Philips hair dryer, this can be quickly achieved using its multiple speed and temperature settings.
Ara shares, “What I like most about the Philips hairdryer is its ThermoProtect feature, which ensures the best and safest drying temperature for hair. It even offers Ionic conditioning that smoothens your locks to increase shine.”


For long hair, Ara suggests a soft wavy look that’s easy to pull off. After drying the hair, section it again and use the Philips Airstyler to wrap portions of the hair you want to style. When I had long hair, I just wore it straight and booooring.. I should have considered the waves for the sexy look!
To add more flair, pin one side of the hair behind one ear and sweep it to the other side.
She shares, “I love the Airstyler because its Thermobrush has the perfect diameter for creating smooth and natural-looking styles and waves. It also has four attachments for different styles with advanced EHD technology that evenly distributes heat across the hair.
I think medium-length hair is the most challenging to style. Ara suggests a classic style. With the Philips Care & Control straightener, you can easily create this look. It comes with digital settings that easily adjust heat to deliver smooth and straight hair. As it introduces charged negative ions to hair to eliminate static, it delivers twice the straightening and caring power.
I used to sport a really short hair, and I am not going back to it! Haha. Well, it looks like short haired can also rock curls!
Ara says “short  curly styled hair is made easy by the Philips Conical Curler.”
This hair care partner also has the innovative digital setting that lets you choose the temperature (130 – 200°C) and the curling time (5, 8, or 10 seconds) ideal for your hair.
Ara continues, “My favorite is its unique indicator that lets you know when your curl is ready. This is very useful especially for those who are unfamiliar of the allowed length of time that hair can be exposed to heat.”
One can achieve this look by sectioning the hair and wrapping the portion you want to curl around its cone. This can also be formed into an updo by shaping the hair and teasing the crown a little before pinning it.
Hair is truly one’s crowning glory. What is your favorite style? 
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