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October 17, 2014

My schedule has become crazier after I came back to Manila. It is not about the jetlag that I am dealing with, but finding time to do things. It is the kind of problem that I like, actually. When people ask me if I am happier now, I always say yes with a big smile. If there is anything that I don’t like, it is the simple life stresses – like traffic or getting around the Metro.

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Stress is the biggest problem for people today. It is the main reason people get sick. It is vital to a person’s health to seek out ways to get rid of stress in their body and in their life. While society may try to make people feel guilty for taking vacations or seeking other ways to get rid of stress, it is necessary to do so.

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Yoga is a phenomenal way to get rid of stress. Yoga provides a quiet place to relax and get focused. It also exercises the body, increases strength, blood flow, range of motion and produces the good-feeling hormones, which all help to decrease stress in the body. Yoga can also help to open up energy in the body, which can help to prepare the body to take on and process additional stress.

Music provides amazing stress relief. Whether a person plays music, listens to it or practices singing a song, stress is reduced in this manner as well. Taking up a hobby in playing music provides a creative outlet for people to express themselves in an artistic way. People often take up the piano, custom made guitars and the drums to create music.

Taking a class to learn something new is a wonderful way to get rid of stress as well. I am actually planning to take up new language. Not only does learning a new skill help a person to feel good about themselves, a class presents an excellent way to remain social. Sharing good memories and conversing with others helps to relieve stress from the body.

Massages are an excellent way to get rid of stress. Stress manifest itself in the body in the form of upset stomachs, headaches and sore muscles. The body manifests stress is many other ways though.

Massage helps to release the tension that causes sore muscles and headaches. Massage also produces the good-feeling hormones, which naturally relieve pain and reduce stress.

Jacuzzis are another form of relaxation that present a way to get rid of stress. People often have Jacuzzis at their homes so that they can soak and relax daily. Coming home to soak in the Jacuzzi instantly provides relaxation and helps to melt away the effects of the day. It also helps to loosen up tense muscles, increase blood flow, help people to achieve deeper sleep and improves skin tone.

Whatever a person does to rid of stress, the benefits of doing so are numerous. One of the most notable benefits of getting rid of stress is obtaining a more youthful appearance, which translates to an increase in health.

What do you do to get rid of stress?
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