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Jolly Cow for 2nd Philippine National Barista Challenge

October 16, 2014

If there is one job that I would want to do for the rest of my life, it is preparing good coffee for the guests. I was once a barista and I truly enjoyed my time pulling espresso shots, steaming milk and interacting with customers. I am seriously thinking of working (again) part-time as a Barista. 🙂

Speaking of barista duties, Allegro Beverage Corporation, organizer of the 2nd Philippine National Barista Challenge, has chosen Jolly Cow to be its Official Milk brand. Milk does play an important role in creating a good cup of cappuccino; and Jolly Cow has been one of the well-loved milk brands of coffee baristas in the country for its high quality, distinctly creamy taste.

What makes Jolly Cow creamier and ideal for coffee art? A little history first, Jolly Cow is among the first brands developed by Fly Ace Corporation as the company began its venture into private labeling in 1997. Jolly Cow is Ultra Heat Treated milk which means it was heated to a temperature of at least 135C in order to kill any harmful micro-organisms which may be present in the milk. It also lengthens its shelf life to 1 year. Sourced from Germany, Jolly Cow has two variants: Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk. Jolly Cow Fresh Milk has 3.5% butterfat content which is the highest in the market.  Meanwhile, for those who want to go easy on the milk, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk contains only 0.3% of butterfat.

Allegro Beverage Corporation is one of the leading providers of complete beverage solutions. On top of distributing the finest espresso equipment and brewers, Allegro also offers coffee beans, gourmet syrups and sauces, and teas. As the official organizers of the 2nd Philippine National Barista Championships, they bring in a wealth of experience and knowledge in the coffee industry.

Last week, a roundtable discussion and private presentation was held (oh, and I missed it!) President and General Manager of Allegro Beverage Corporation Leo de Leon and Jolly Cow Senior Product Associate Ersanti Regi Santos discussed the qualities of a good cup of coffee while Kevin Israel Fortu, the reigning Philippine National Barista Champion, and Jonathan Choi, Champion of 8th Philippine Grand Barista Cup, demonstrated latte art using Jolly Cow.

The 2nd Philippine National Barista Championship is the most prestigious barista competition in the country as it is the only one sanctioned by World Coffee Events, organizers of the World Barista Competition. The event aims to showcase the art and skill of espresso making and service. Competitors will be required to prepare four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four original espresso-based signature drinks. I remember when we had the Barista Cup before, and they asked me to join on the spot, and I had to make a personalized drink on the spot! That was when the word “cardiac” was born in our team jargon 🙂

This prestigious competition will gather some of the best baristas in the country. Thirty participants will battle it out in the preliminary rounds yesterday and today, October 15 to 16 at Treston International College. The culmination for the top 6 finalists will be on October 17 at Resorts World Manila Atrium. The winner will represent the country in the 2015 World Barista Championship to be held in the Seattle, USA.

Good luck you guys! 😉

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