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Perfect Vacation Retreat

October 26, 2014

It is a Sunday, and I can only wish for a peaceful vacation. Everyone enjoys a restful vacation retreat from the hurry and worry most people experience in their everyday life. The question for many is where can they find that retreat when the most popular vacation destinations are commercialized and crowded?

One answer to that question might be a secluded cabin at Broken Bow Lake cabins in Oklahoma. Whether the cabin will house one, two or more people, the perfect accommodations can be arranged. Each of the 10 available cabins offer a comfortable retreat just minutes away from Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park. The lake and park are located in the beautiful Kiamichi wilderness area, and are within three to four hours drive time of Dallas and the Fort Worth, Texas area. I am already dreaming of visiting the place.

Photo Credit: Jordi Labanda

Vacationers and weekend visitors alike are able to enjoy hiking or biking along beautiful nature trails, fishing or boating on Broken Bow Lake or viewing the natural beauty of the surrounding area from the back of a horse. Vacationers can also enjoy the crystal clear water of the lake by swimming, renting a houseboat, kayak or jet ski. Families with small children will appreciate the opportunity to take a miniature train ride through the Beavers Bend depot and stables, and they may also enjoy a picnic near a playground provided to entertain the youngsters.
How many people feel in love with a beautiful vacation spot and wish they could live there all the time? In the case of Broken Bow Lakes, this is entirely possible. There are a number of lots available to people wishing to build a cabin of their own in the Broken Bow Lake area. Anyone who makes the decision to purchase one of the available lots need only go to the website to contact a builder and choose the perfect vacation or retirement cabin. I am seriously adding this in my retirement options.

While not everyone would choose to make their permanent retirement home in this somewhat remote area, owning a vacation cabin can be a valuable investment. The cabin can be relatively small and modest, or it could be large enough for a family to feel comfortable. The cabin could be rented to other vacationers while the owner does not need it, and it could eventually be sold at a considerable profit. There are multiple options that make building a cabin in the area a wise decision.

The next question, who has a cabin somewhere who is willing to adopt me for a week? 🙂

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