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2015 Viviamo Planners for Every Lifestyle + Win a Navi Planner!

November 30, 2014

One of the things I love about year end is the joy of flipping through the pages of a new planner (and re-reading the entries of my old planner!). Ah, the anticipation of filling the new, crisp pages with stories and dreams!

Since 2009, I have been using the Belle de Jour Planner. It is always the first on my wishlist and I am happy to have converted a lot of people to using this planner. 
I love the brand so much that in 2010, I even bought an extra to be given to one of my readers! When I became loyal to a brand, I continuously write and talk about it, and even spend money so I can share it with the people I love (hello, dear readers!).  This year though, I received a good news from Viviamo!
Viviamo and Belle De Jour is giving away 1 planner through my blog! I am telling you, I feel sooo kilig when I received a note from Viviamo!

Viviamo! Inc. is the mother company of Belle de Jour Enterprises. “Viviamo” is Italian for “we live.” The brand creates customized paper and planner products that influence the lifestyle of Filipinos. 
Are you excited to know what you will win? Keep on reading!
Aside from the Belle De Jour Planner, Viviamo also carries different planners for people with different lifestyle, interests and goals.
They sent me a pack of the planners for the 2015 collection so I could choose which one to use for next year… ah, I want to use all three!
It is not new year yet, but I already took the moment to flip through the pages and marvel at the pretty new features of each planner! Let’s start with..
2015 Belle De Jour Planner 
Php698 – customizable with your name
Php598 – spiral/bound
This is the 9th Edition of the Belle De Jour Planner, and I have to say that each year, it just gets better and better. This year’s Belle De Jour Planner is complete with fun tips, inspirational quotes and helpful articles in colorful pages designed with chic graphics. 
It features the following:
  • Dance Your Way Through Life page based on โ€œikigaiโ€ concept to help you find your reason to get up every morning and enjoy life with a deep sense of purpose. 
  • Time Management Principles -Based Layout to help you get things done 
  • Advocacy Tracker to challenge yourself to make a difference – I soooo love this!
  • Goals, Dreamboard, and Checklists to help you focus on whatโ€™s important 
  • Health Checklist, Immunization and Menstrual Tracker Pages so you can take good care of yourself Bills and Cash Flow Tracker Pages to help you manage your income and expenses 
  • BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge Tracker and Beauty Essentials Checklist to help you keep track of your BDJ Box experience and create your beauty arsenal 
  • Rules of Photography & Travel Shot List pages to guide you to create your own shoot lists tailored to wherever youโ€™re travelling.
I love the addition of the Happiness List!
Dance Your Way Through Life is a salute to the 
Live Your Life to the Fullest mantra that inspires bellas to live life with a purpose
The 2015 BDJ Checklist is still included
I have a confession, I never checked and never read this page ever since BDJ 
introduced this.. it’s because I don’t want to disappoint myself for not achieving all of these
at the end of the year ๐Ÿ™‚ I just let life surprise me ๐Ÿ™‚
 I love, love this! If you have not heard of BDJ Box yet, 
you are missing on a lot of things! Check out the latest box here
 Fun, informative and timely articles on each month’s page. ๐Ÿ™‚
 When I checked the pages, I noticed that there are no coupons in each month’s section.. 
Well, the secret is at the back page.. 
 There’s a whole new booklet of coupons (where the card is also attached)
for restaurants and stores discounts!
 I love that they are keeping Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! Yay!

Wow, I am already excited to write on the pages! But hey, we got two more planners here..
2015 Navi Planner 
When I got a hold of the Navi Planner, I thought it is so masculine – but when I finally got to check the pages, I only have three words for this planner – sexy, smart and sleek. 
NAVI 2015: Your Life Navigator is a perfect planner to:
  • Plot your week by having a monopoly of your plotting map. Sketch or write, and collect experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.
  • Clear the route. Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures โ€“ Places to go, things to try out, people to meet โ€“ ah, I cannot wait to travel again!
  • Explore the world. Learn about places you can explore around the world and gain helpful insights for your upcoming adventures.
The Navi Planner looks perfect with my Travel Journal and travel collection ๐Ÿ™‚
The cover is simple and smart – perfect for men and women who are ready to explore.
I am thinking majority of the Navi Planner’s fans would be the XY-population who have been (probably) wishing for a male version of the BDJ Planner. Wish granted..
 The back cover is all about the details. I love the embossed world map!
The Navi Planner Pages
I love that it serves like a travel book/guide and journal in one. 
There is enough space for jotting down stories, quick list sections for 
writing travel lists, and country profiles in each month that features each country’s 
population, currency, language, and religion. 
Where does the BDJ team get all these nice quotes? I am impressed
  – and inspired!
 Just like our favorite Belle De Jour Planner, it comes with a Discount Booklet
with over Php25,000-worth of discounts from partner shops (which mostly 
sell travel-related stuff)
 I instantly fell in love with the Navi Planner.
Part of me wanted to book a ticket and start exploring again. 
2015 Everything is Possible Planner
Everything is Possible Planner is a planner that helps you reach your goals. This is actually the first time I have heard of this planner (thank you BDJ for the introduction!), and I think this would be really, really helpful for those who don’t know what they want to do with their lives/careers and those who cannot stay focused on what they want to do
I took a picture of the Everything is Possible Planner with my photo from London 
because I want to stress that dreams do come true when you really work hard for it. 
(reminds me, I really need to start writing about my London adventure in my new 
travel blog – ๐Ÿ™‚
The 2015 EIP has 192 full-color pages, is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall, has an expandable back pocket, and comes in a matte-laminated hard cover. The planner is packed with:
  • A special weekly layout for your weekly priorities
  • Mantras to keep you on-track in your mission
  • Micro Actions to guide you in your goals
  • Wheel Of Life to help you assess your life focus
  • Year End Workbook to document the things youโ€™ve achieved and learned
The planner has dedicated pages for different aspects of life where
one can write his/her goals
I love how this planner is full of inspirational quotes. The design is simple, yet 
it balances the chic vibe in it by incorporating fun, playful colors and fonts. 
 Blank pages for writing dreams, ideas and inspirations ๐Ÿ™‚
 The last pages are dedicated for assessing one’s achievement ๐Ÿ™‚
Okay, I still have a month to decide which planner to use for next year.. but I am leaning towards using the Navi Planner because I want to travel more and I want to add more stories in my travel blog: (please visit, I know I still have to write about previous travels – can you help me decide which one to write first? My trip to Great Wall, Niagara Falls or London?)

Now, here’s the fun part – I am giving away 1 Navi Planner in this blog! Simple mechanics –

I want you all to be a source of inspiration, please share which goals/achievement have you unlocked in 2014? Please share it on IG (join through the rafflecopter please! Please follow social media accounts to make your entry valid)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will choose 1 winner from all the IG posts on December 5, 2014.
Good luck and keep on inspiring!

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