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A #WeatherWiser Nation

November 26, 2014

Oftentimes I wish we have 4 seasons in the Philippines so I could make use of the warm colored Fall clothes and fun winter pieces I have in my closet. Maybe, I am not the only one wishing that the climate change would somehow sway the weather in the countries in the tropical zone.

The change in weather is unpredictable in the Philippines. There are times, we experience heavy rain during the summer or burning heat on a rainy season. The reality is, adverse weather conditions cause million of damages annually. On a global scale, economic losses caused by extreme weather increased to nearly $200 billion a year.

We have seen the damages that typhoons have left the lives and properties of Filipinos.

The Weather Philippines Foundation, a corporate social responsibility initiative of the Aboitiz Group, in partnership with Union Bank and MeteoGroup takes lead in overcoming weather disruption by inciting preparedeness among countrymen. Weather Philippines is a trusted and reliable private weather information organizationthat aims to reduce disaster risks in the country by providing free, critical weather forecasts to the Filipino public.

Automated Weather Stations (AWS) elicit actionable preparations by distilling technical weather forecasting terms into something they can fully grasp.

What do we need to install a AWS? A computer and internet connection. The WeatherPhilippines Foundation will help install and educate the local government unit.

Currently, there are 600+ AWS units installed around the country with the target of completing 1,000 units by the end of the year.

The Weather Philippines Foundation showed us how the AWS unit works. A glass chamber was set up in the Blue Leaf Pavillion which imitates a rain effect. The AWS unit translates the data based on the amount of rain, wind direction and pressure.

All the AWS units installed in different areas in the Philippines work this way and data is transmitted, interpreted and used through the webiste

AWS Roll out and Capacity Building Trainings conducted by Weather Philippines taught mayors and municipal disaster-risk reduction officers how to install weather stations and access the information. The trainings are organized to empower local governments towards an advocacy of proactive disaster-preparedness and climate change adaptation.

How are AWS beneficial to Filipinos?

1. Create awareness among Filipinos the importance of disaster preparedness
2. Helps business strategize business continuity
3. Provides accurate weather data for travelers

Now, that’s a rocket science post from me once again. It is timely that just the other week, I wrote about disaster preparedeness and its importance in developing one’s self by helping others. I don’t normally talk about topics like these in person, but try to ask me, I might 🙂

How’s the weather in your area?

It is a bit cloudy from where I am mobile blogging now. 🙂

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