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Axis Watch Charity Exhibit: Time Out of Time

November 17, 2014

We have seen them all – artsy stuff made from recycled items – from paper, plastic, wood and even dics. In the charity exhibit hosted by the Axis Watch entitled “Time Out of Time”, talents and artists showcased their collection of mixed media incorporated with Axis watches.

The three featured masterpieces reflect different styles, inspiration and purpose – but there’s one component that unites the pieces – it’s Axis.

The exhibit featured the works of artists Ram Mallari, Buds Convocar and Salvador Ching. The Axis art works will be sold through a bidding process and the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hour whose mission is to promote child protection, education, health and nutrition for all children. I was lucky to get the chance to interact with them and find out more about the inspiration behind their work. 

Ram Mallari is extremely happy, humbled and grateful to share his talent and help for the benefit of the kids. His work is a delightful piece that even kids would be attracted to! He shared “The world is such a big place with so many needs that my little acts of kindness and frankly, my whole life, seem so small.”

Time Voyager aims to help raise more awareness on recycling and its value. Ram wants to inspire people to turn scraps into creative and functional pieces and in the process, help them understand the value of his work and its purpose.

Buds finds it easy to participate in event that involve helping others. His work is entitled “We All Need More Time”. It is inspired by the importance of time and how we use it. It communicates the need for balance — to focus on the challenges that confront us but still make time for the people we love, especially in celebrating our triumphs. 

Salvador “Buddy” J. Ching’s work is an interesting cultural piece called “Oras-yon” which is part of the Women of Malolos Series. His work is inspired by the memories of the past and represents the images of our history. He said that when he received the invite, he didn’t think twice and accepted it happily. 
I wish someday I would also have my own exhibit… I know I am not an artist, but maybe something to showcase my favorite blog posts, or have them printed in clothes and dresses (just like the Freeway National Artist Collection!) Haha. I can dream 😉
Anyway, being the watch-lover that I am, I took the time to marvel at the collection. Please select now what you want to add in your wish list! The pieces are available in the pop-up store in SM Mall of Asia.

You may check out the Axis pop-up store on the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia (it is near National Bookstore). There are available watches on display so you can instantly shop while supporting the cause 🙂 Axis watches are available in Watch Republic Shops and leading department stores in the country.
PS. Supporting and creating more awareness for the project are Lucky Mercado and Sam YG of Boys Night Out. Check out their videos that capture their interview with the artists.
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