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My Choice Spa Salt

November 2, 2014

I have just taken a shower and I had to jump in front of my laptop to write this review…! I am that excited over this new beauty discovery – I just have to share it. No exaggeration, I am typing this while doing the night ritual. 🙂

Here’s the star of the night – My Choice Spa Salt. This new product is included in the Skin Saver – October BDJ Box. This is the second product that I tried after the Dial Coco Shower Gel (which smells so good!).

My Choice Spa Salt is a product of Thailand. It comes with different variants and what I got was the My Choice Spa Salt with Orange which promises to lighten the skin tone. It has BETA CAROTINE that prevents skin damage and ORANGE EXTRACT that evens out skin tone.

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The Fine Print.. Hmm.. okay..

Product Packaging:
If I see this product in the market (together with the other skin lightening products), I might not take interest on it. Seriously! There is nothing special or appealing about the packaging (except for the Extra Free 20 grms).  But I love how the product’s manufacturing and expiration dates are clearly printed at the bottom. Now, the real miracle happened after I used the product..
Okay, no actual picture of me using the product! 🙂
(reminds me of the Waxing Tutorial I have seen on youtube! OMG).
Salt Spa Scent and Texture:
The My Choice Spa Salt is fine and smooth unlike other spa salts available in the market which scratch my skin raw.
I love how the product smells! It smells like powder especially after slathering in your skin. I love how it smoothly glides in my skin. After the bath, I felt the squeaky-clean feeling (I never thought I would ever use that to describe my after-shower state!)
Result Review:
So, okay I feel really clean and smooth. My Choice Salt Spa also has lotion variants but I chose not to use it (I might be allergic to the product – and might woke up tomorrow with red blotches, who knows?). I used my “lotion of the month” Jergens (which I discovered from last month’s BDJ Box), and it felt smoother applying the lotion.

It is a bit too early to say that the My Choice Spa Salt made my skin lighter and smoother; but the initial trial is good and impressive. I will update this entry once I get better result (or otherwise) after continued use.
So that’s the bedtime story for tonight 🙂
Have you heard or tried the My Choice Spa Salt?
Price: Php 100 for 500 grms
Where to buy My Choice: Shopwise • Ever Gotesco • Isetann • Gaisano mall • Centro • Uno • Watson’s • Gaisano Grand • Metro • Gaisano • Lee Plaza • Ororama
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