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Surviving Beautifully

November 11, 2014

We have learned to live with fear”.

That is what Maria (from Mexico) a friend I met in London has said on our way to the airport after our short trip to London. We were talking about how difficult it is to live in our home countries.

The greater danger is not living in a country where poverty is seen in every corners of the street. It is asking how prepared we are when disaster comes and how soon we can stand up again as a nation. I guess what sets us a part from other countries is our resilience. But do we always have to make a plan “after” the disaster? What about preventing or reducing the impact of disasters in our lives?

SM Prime has partnered with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction to review strategies for disaster risk reduction and resilience in this year’s Top Leaders Forum. The Forum brings together the government of the Philippines and the corporate sector of our country to enable a transformation from disaster response to disaster reduction, from a reactive mindset to a proactive stance. Very much like, prevention is better than cure.

The declaration created during the discussion in the forum will be the contribution of the private sector in the Philippines to the UNISDR’s Private Sector Advisory Group for the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction to be held in Sendai, Japan next year.

Senator Loren Legarda graced the forum and shared a beautiful quote from the book A Paradise Built in Hell by Author Rebecca Solnit.

“The great majority of people are calm, resourceful, altruistic or even beyond altruistic, as they risk themselves for others. We improvise the conditions of survival beautifully.”

She stressed that is it really about helping others survive after each disaster that brings out the best in ourselves, or would it be more reasonable and practical to approach today’s risks with concrete measures.

“Enhancing disaster risk reduction is a collective responsibility. The commitment to innovation, the role of risk transfer and insurance to disaster risk reduction and putting business continuity plans in place is now highly considered and recognized in our business operation” Sy said.


The event was highlighted with presentations from Subject Matter Experts, and knowledge-sharing sessions from high-level participants.

Last year’s forum focused on incentives for risk-informed business practices and disaster-resilient investments.

I know this topic is swaying away from my chic blog’s theme, but sharing and keeping informed is sexy, yes?

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