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#ChangefortheBetter: 5 Filipino Values to Revisit in Making a New Year’s Resolution

December 5, 2014

#ChangefortheBetter is what we aim for when we create our New Years Resolution. A personal call to change is actually equivalent to an involvement to societal change.

This year, Krem-Top Coffee Creamer inspires individuals to exercise a habit of changing for the better. The Krem–Top Change for the Better campaigned looked at a the values that are innate to Filipinos and remind us of our identity.

It was truly motivating to listen to inspiring and happy people. It is just sad that because of life’s stresses, we sometimes forget about these Filipino values just so we can get ahead of our game.

Krem-Top gathered bloggers and social media influencers for the
#ChangefortheBetter launch πŸ™‚

with the #Clingies πŸ™‚ Earth Rullan, John Bueno and Rodel Flordeliz

In a very authentic Filipino restaurant Ronulo Cafe, Dr. Mina Ramirez, president of Asian Social Institute talked about the Five Core Values based on the Basic Aspirations of Filipinos.

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Blogger friends busy blogging.. πŸ™‚
Gelli Victor hosted the event and it was super fun because it felt like we were just in simple get-together with friends! We played a game too πŸ™‚


Filipinos are very thankful race. We are happy and always smiling even at times of trouble and calamities. We thank people and we feel blessed for even the smallest blessing. Regardless of religion, we attribute our blessings to the higher Being. Just checked the hashtag #blessed in Instagram and you would know most of the contributions are from our fellow countrymen.


We are reslient because we believe in the Higher Being. The strength that we manifest is drawn for love for family. I am personally a witness of this trait shown by people around me. We have different battles and we are positive that we will win it.


This is one trait that I always admire. If we want something, we work hard for it. The common inspiration is the love for family and our aim to elevate their life conditions. Great examples are the Overseas Contact Workers.


What I love about when we say Kamusta is how we mean it. Filipinos refer to kapwa not.just to strangers, but to neighbor, distant relative or a friend. We always reach out to other people and it is our Bayanihan spirit that unite and help each of us during calamities.

I love that we have such words like po and opo that are distinct Filipino ways of respect. The respect transcends person but also people’s properties, emotions and ideas. Our language itself does not have any gender like kapatid (brother/sister), asawa (wife/husband), etc. which shows how Filipinos are respectful of sexes.

Dr Mina shared:

“If you want to get to know the Filipino, learn the language. Most of our values are rooted at how we express ourselves”.

Jim Paredes (who was also with us during the Air Asia maiden flight to Kota Kinabalu) joined us that afternoon and talked about 3 values that he is proud of as a Filipino – Bayanihan, Respect for Elders, and Filipino Exceptionalism. Our greatest wonder – Rice Terraces is far different from the pyramids and attractions from other countries. What makes it special? It was built through bayanihan, there is no slavery involved in the making of this Filipino wonder.

Our respect for elders show until the elders’ last breath. In the Philippines, we take care of our elders and we don’t send them to the nursing homes for others to take care of them.

Filipinos “Can Do” spirit is always alive wherever we are in the world. Perfect example is Manny Pacquaio and other Filipinos who excel at what they do around the world.

The best way to champion these values? To be a good example. I noticed that when you act differently and positively, the people around you will react the same way towards you. I take the public transportation in Manila almost everyday, and MRT and LRT are like warzones. Girls can get really rough (I was really surprised!) – but whenever I move like a lady and be more polite – most of them would give way and react positively. Change starts from oneself.  Let’s #ChangefortheBetter

Parang may cooking show lang! πŸ™‚

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