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Close Up Quiz Night

December 2, 2014

It’s been a year since I resigned, and one of the things I miss about my #IBM #Mobility family is the games that we played at work. I was part of a fun team and we had a group that facilitates games and employee engagement activities. I remember being competitive playing Minute-to-Win-it, Taboo, and Pictionary. We even had an Amazing Race kind of activity we call Mobilympics. Fun times! I remember writing about one Friday work shift.

My team always won the games (is it safe to say that I am always part of a winning team?) 🙂
I love events that promote engagement among the guests and one of which is the Close Up Quiz Night held last week at Relik Tapas and Bar.  Barkada team names were coined after Closeup buzzwords such as #TeamSummerSolstice, #TeamForeverSummer, #TeamIcyWhite, #TeamFresh #TeamRedHot, #TeamFireFreeze, and #TeamDeepAction. Unfortunately, our team #TeamDeepAction didn’t win. I am breaking the news as early before the page break.. but it was fun!
It was not the first time I joined a Quiz Night. The awesome team #BridgesPR also hosted a Quiz Night for Greenwich Pizza when the Greenwich Pizzeria was first introduced. 
I was excited for the great battle of wit and knowledge. I was grouped with Kathy, Jon, Ria and a friend from The games were divided into 3 sets – Music, Movies and General Knowledge. It took 4 questions before we got our first score in the Music Category. We were able to score good points at the Movies/TV round (oh, that Friends question about Baby Got Back was a tough one! I am happy that’s my fave Friends episode! That point we earned should be x3! That’s ulta-difficult!). 
Anyway, round 3 was purely about sports (oh what do I know about sports? I only play chess..). 

At the end of the game, our team decided to play the Pinoy Taboo
I suddenly missed my IBM Mobility friends!
The event is after all about having the confidence to be closer to people. 

The winning team won Php100,000 worth of prize (it is their choice if they want to spend it for shopping, night out, food trip or travel). We lose, but that’s okay. This is one of the rare occasions I chose to lose. Playing fair and doing my best are far more important than winning. 🙂

Here’s the good news, the Close Quiz Night will soon be opened to the public and the Ultimate Quiz Night Showdown will happen in November 2015 featuring all the winning barkadas from previous quiz nights.

Stay connected with Close Up at and @closeupph for more details!

What is your favorite game?
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