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December 29, 2014

Holiday Blues: The Days After the Holidays

Indeed, I took the holiday break seriously and went offline to spend more time with family. It is nice to be disconnected to "the world".

I feel a bit tired of the things that I do. It sounds weird, odd and inappropriate for someone who left an amazing job to start writing her stories (and experience a lot of "once in a lifetime experience"'s).

But the truth is, I miss writing about my own stories. I needed a break and needed to breathe. I met up with a friend yesterday and I shared my frustrations and worries.

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2014 has been so awesome - it is a lot more awesome than my 2013, and 2012 - and the previous years of my life. The truth is, I don't worry much about my future, I don't do bucket lists (because I don't want to disappoint myself) and I just let my future present me with surprises - and 2014 sure did provide me with so much awesomeness - I worry that my 2015 would not rock as much as 2014. Why am I suddenly feeling this?

I am trying to understand myself. I want to accomplish a lot of things - update my travel blog, visit more places, do more volunteer work, learn how to ride a bike, learn how to paint, read more books.

But ultimately -  I want to go to another country, close this blog, and live a simple life as a barista in a local coffee shop. Tell me I have such simple dreams.

I love that people tell me how they get inspired by what I do - that some of them want to start their own blog and others want to chase their dreams.

The reality is, these are the people that inspired me to keep going. I want to tell them that chasing one's dream entails a lot of hardwork and money (I am not even halfway to where I want to be - again, I just let the future surprise me). Or put it, spending your saved money.

I want to tell those who want to start a blog that blogging is not all about the VIP treatment, free products, and star-studded events. Blogging is about creating your own stories and not depending on brands for content.

These past few days, I am down and I couldn't seem to create my stories - even with the help of brands (and brands that I love).

I will be back soon (or will be back later :). Just give me more time to finish the book that glued me on my bed.

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