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Maginhawa Food Trip Part 4: Big B Burgers

December 9, 2014

The next stop for our Maginhawa Food Crawl with Food Panda was a real diet suicide! After our lunch at Homies, we walked down the street and headed to Big B Burgers. 

What is interesting about the burger joint is the mystery inside the smoky entrance. Honestly, I would not take a second look at this place if not for the Food Panda crew leading our crawl. In front of the Big B Burger joint is the Open Kitchen where burgers are grilled to perfection.

Diners are encouraged to take the narrow way that leads to the dining hall.

It is a black and white theme inside the Big B Burger in Maginhawa. The mood is warmed with bulb lights encased in interesting chicken wire. There are wooden tables, chairs and stools. The walls give an unfinished work of splatters of black paint that look like silhouettes of buildings and sky scrapers. The paper napkin holders are used SPAM tin cans! I love recycled materials!
The dining area has a lower level with tables and chairs perfect for groups
That’s where we settled. 
Blogger friends, Ryan, John, Alex and Rodel 🙂

Big B’s business started as an online venture by Joelle Yuvienco and Erik Galvez. They initially sold beef x bacon burgers in UP by putting up stalls during fairs and events. They found the spot in Teacher’s Village and opened Big B! What I love about this burger joint is the student friendly prices with overly satisfying servings!

 Now, for the Big PM Snack.. Lemme tease you with – some Poutine and Carbo!

BallsBalls Php 150
That’s mashed potatoes and meat balls topped with cheese sauce!
Poutine ng Ina Mo Php 120
I am not saying bad words here, but it is nice to say the name over and over again. The owners said that some customers just find it a little odd to say the dish and they just simply point at it. The Poutine ng Ina Mo is inspired by a dish popular in Canada (while you are here, you might also want to check my adventures in Canada!)
 Presenting Big B: Bacon X Beef Quarterpounder (Php 99.00)

You think this Big B burger is just any kind of burger, but I am telling you, the secret is in the sauce!
The best way to enjoy your burger is eating with hands! 
We had to share because we were so full, but I would not say No to a burger!
Delicious, tasty meat perfectly grilled. 🙂
  We were spoiled! My favorite is the Bam Burger Php 119 ! That’s Beef x Spam! 
I say, this is a real sulit meal compared to the tiny burgers we got from fastfood restaurants.
 Takawyaki is a new side dish offering that was specially served to us that day 🙂 
For drinks, you can have the popular Pink Potion which is served with humor and drama from Big B’s very friendly and funny staff 🙂 Don’t worry, it is just carbonated water 🙂

Oh, now I wish I could order from Big B’s Burger at this very moment! I am craving and craving for the Bam Burger badly!

You can order the yummy burgers from Big B’s just by simply downloading the Food Panda app via iOS, or Google Play (also works with Windows). You may also order from Big B’s online via You may pay via credit card or cash-on-delivery. Delivery service depends on the restaurant (it could be as low as Php 30 or 10% of the total amount of items ordered)

Okay, let’s do a quick recap..

Breakfast: Katz Diner
AM Snack: Casa Quesadilla
Lunch: Homies 

Coming up next.. Dinner at Cocina Juan!

Big B Burgers
44B Magiting St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

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