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Primark Haul

December 1, 2014

I was partly broken-hearted when H&M opened a store in Manila – very much like the same feeling when Forever 21 opened few years ago. Yes, I am one of those who put H&M in my itinerary whenever I travel. For the record, I do not see the brand as high-end (because I cannot afford designer brands). We (my friends and I) worshiped the brand because its price range is something that we can afford and the brand provides quality clothes. Who wants to walk in the room seeing someone wearing the same thing? No one. It is that exclusivity of products that we can afford that we lose when products became easily accessible.

When I was in London, I encountered a brand that gave me the same high (love) feelings when I felt the first time I step foot in an H&M store – say hello to Primark!

Primark is a clothing retailer from Ireland. Its store in London, United Kingdom is a huge 3-storey building – very much like the H&M and Forever21 stores.

During my short visit, Primark was having a mad sale! We (Chris and I) had to do a quick survey of the store and grab the stuff that we want because we had limited time and tight schedule. 
Here are some of my best buys.. I mostly bought plain tees! 

Uber cute undies! I bought a lot as gifts for friends too!
Plain tees for only £3!
Don’t forget the iconic UK flag designed shirt! 
Very nice material and print for only £6!
I bought 1 for every man in the house! Haha

Cute shoulder bag on sale!

 I also bought stretch pants for mom, and big Tictac (in apple flavor!) .

A few hours before my flight back, Muriel, Eduardo and I went back to grab a few more pieces. Aside from clothes, Primark also sells make-up, tumblers, home decors, accessories, and more. It is a shopping haven! I could spend hours and hours inside the store! I wish I bought more, but I was worried about limited time and limited luggage room.

Primark also offers discount to tourists. I was not able to take it though – I went back to our hotel to get my passport but the line suddenly went crazy when I came back. We were rushing so I lined up at the normal cashier station. I didn’t want to think or calculate how much I could have saved.

When we were done with the transaction. I noticed that 1 item was rang in the POS incorrectly against the price tag. We had to ask for customer service help to correct the transaction (I was worried because I used my credit card, and it would be a lot more troublesome to re-settle it). Thankfully, they just processed it by giving credit back to me based on difference of the price.

Now, I am wondering when can I do another haul from Primark? Someone send me back to London, please? 🙂

Do you also love Primark?
What are your favorite buys from the brand?
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