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January 28, 2015

[Fashion Haul] Forever 21 Buy 1, Take 1 and 50 on 50 Discount Promo

I recently learned that the best day and time to shop at the mall is after the holidays and on a Monday (lunch hours).

Malls everywhere are having a mad end of season sale craze. I was successful in staying away from spending and shopping for things I do not really need now - but Forever 21's extra discounts and promo are too awesome to miss! I shopped!

On my first visit - they dropped down the price of most of the items - I was not swayed.

On the second time I was there - large banners of "Buy 1, Take 1" greeted me inside the store - the next thing I know, I was lining up at the cashier paying for some shorts.

On the third time I visited - Forever 21's discount promo is a lot more crazier - 50 on 50 - which means, the discounted price (the one on orange tag) would even get 50% discount!

Here are a few of my hauls (this week - I also shopped online! :). I just bought the ones that I need (and okay, 1 piece I really want :)) 

Forever 21 Buy 1, Take 1 Finds

I have been looking for a nice shorts that I can wear "high-waisted" 
Found the perfect one at Forever 21 
From Php 915 to Php 639
Took advantage of the Buy 1 Take 1 promo and got another shorts  (see below)

Black Shorts 
From Php 765 to Php 529
I only paid Php 639 for both! :) 

Forever 21 50% discount + additional 50% off Finds

I skipped the dresses and skirts section because I don't really need them, although I saw a lot of good deals like maxi dresses and skirts. I went straight to the tops racks. I need more bandaues and cropped tops - there were only a few good left. Some have good prints but I don't like the material. 
From Php 455 to Php 309 to Php 154.50

Black Woven Top
From Php 815 to Php 409 (based on POS price) to Php 204.50

I spent more time in the "Rocker Shirts" rack but I didn't like Forever 21's tees' materials.
I found this Gun's N Roses top quite decent.
From 815 to 569 to Php 284.50

Total Damage: Php 1, 282.50 for 5 items
originally priced Php 3,765 

I shopped at Forever 21 SM Megamall, but I also saw some great deals in SM Makati.
Check them out before the good pieces are gone!

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