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Take the Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Challenge with Boys Night Out!

January 21, 2015

Sunday is usually Family Day but you guys might want to head over to Eastwood and join me (not for my fans’ day though! Haha Hello #ruthers and #rutheists!). I am covering the Gillette Mach 3 Challenge with the Boys Night Out!

The Eastwood Atrium Mall would serve like a big shaving pit! Did you know that 1 of 2 men are shaving the wrong way? Studies were conducted on 7000 men from 14 countries who use disposable razors about the considerable impact of redness from shaving. Results showed that half of those surveyed suffer redness and discomfort. It was also determined physical and psychological effects of redness impede a man’s confidence and the impression he makes on the world.  There is a misconception that redness is an unavoidable consequence of a close shave.

Gillette is always on the forefront of innovation that is rooted in understanding man’s needs and behavior. As such, Gillette introduces Gillette Mach 3!

Watch the video below and take a sneak peek at what would happen on Sunday! 

See you on January 25, 2014

at Eastwood Atrium Mall

3 to 4 PM 

for the Gillette Challenge!

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