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January 6, 2015

Guerra Manila Private Sale

Whenever friends ask me where to buy a good leather bag, I always refer them to local brands. I am glad that most of my friends do not resort to buying cheap, fake immitations (well, most of them can afford to buy designer bags anyway). But as for me, I choose to buy local unbranded bags with good materials than bring a replica bag. I just cannot take to wear anything fake.

I discovered this new brand called Guerra Manila which is committed to not only creating quality products, but also to attract eyes the world over towards Filipino skill, ingenuity, creativity and heart.

Guerra Manila hold a Private Sale last December 18, 2014 -  which I missed! The sale's profit aims to help build homes that will shelter new generations of Filipinos rooted locally and admired globally. Anyway, here are some of the nice, fine collection they have.


Part of the proceeds will be donated to Gawad Kalinga as Guerra aims to reach out and touch the land it will always be home to. Rooted locally and admired globally, every single piece in Guerra’s line is a proud product of the Filipino mind and spirit. A homonym of the Tagalog word for war, ‘Guerra’,
faces the beautiful battle of influences daily. From the traditional designs and traditions of the Philippines to standards and techniques learned and mastered around the world, every bag becomes a child of this harmonious merging of creative armies, a seamless marriage between culture and world-class standards.

Led by Designer Carla Sta. Cruz shared, "Designing, creating something beautiful from scratch, it's always been a passion of mine. I've been blessed to be able to do what I love and by giving back to a charity like Gawad Kalinga, we're hoping to use our gifts in order to help someone in the future do what they love as well. That would be the most beautiful thing we can create".

Hoping to own a masterpiece from Guerra Manila. Check out more designs:  www.guerramanila.com

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