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WIWTD + What to Wear on a Staycation

January 16, 2015

What to wear on a staycation? Someone asked me via private message.

Since most of you guys want more travel stories (and a dash of #ootd’s), I might as well answer the question through a blog entry 🙂

Sharing with you what I wore during my staycation in Widus Hotel, Pampanga and an inspiration for the ensemble I wrote on my last day.

I always go for comfort and flexibility whenever I decide on the things I wear or bring. I became smarter now, and only bring stuff that I can mix and match. The most important thing is to know your itinerary and activities. For a staycation, it is good to wear something comfortable, that you can decently wear in a restaurant, or bar (if you decide to crash in a hotel party).

What I Wore That Day:
(I love the bar code design and the style which is perfect for #sweaterweather)
Skirt: H&M (this skirt only costs Php 299!)
Bag: LZD by Lazada 
(my current favorite because I love that I can put everything in it!) 
Slippers: Crocs (I super love this old Crocs that I can totally use and abuse). 
I chose to bring it because I know we would be using the pool, and I wouldn’t mind getting it wet and soaked.
The ensembles still allowed me to..
1. Climb a Tree House
2. Dance
3. .. and still look cute!
Get the look:

Top: SheInside
Skirt: H&M
Slippers: Crocs
Watch: Lacoste
I would write more about Guerra Manila on the next post. I super love this brand from a Filipino designer who is already making a name in New York. I love the woven bag and I think it still blend with the casual theme of my collage – deviating from the usual 

More fashion side story: I have recently read an article on why successful people wear the same thing everyday. It does make sense when I look at how many hours I spent trying on clothes, deciding on what to wear and changing my mind last minute – before I head off to work, or event or meeting.

This year, I am trying to make things simple and simplify my life starting with the things that I wear. I know people would expect that I always wear new clothes (because I am a blogger + mom is a dressmaker) but I have let go of that idea and care less about what people would think of me.

If I wear to choose a daily uniform (I actually have a uniform!) it is bodycon skirt (or jeans) and plain top.  What about you?

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