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Dove Go Play with Your Hair

February 26, 2015

I admit that I use different products and do a lot of things to my hair that damages it. I had my hair permed, colored and treated. I was one of the 84% of women who are aware of that styling activities damage the hair but still continue to do it because.. it makes us feel good about ourselves. I especially love the time when I had a digiperm and my hair was all curly and messy sexy.

My favorite hair stylist (hello Goddess Joey!) admits that I am lucky to have healthy and strong hair that it can withstand the different tortures it has undergone. Now, I am happier with my straight hair and I do nourish it with keratin-rich products once in a while.

But lo and behold, I just found out that even simple things such as towel drying, combing, brushing and exposure to the sun and wind can also cause damage to one’s hair. 

Thankfully, my favorite beauty brand, Dove recognizes it and offers a solution.

Dove lets us Go Play with our hair as it promises to take care of the damage. 

Click Read More to find out what fun we had at the Mind Museum for the Dove Go Play event!

What do you expect from a Bridges PR and Unilever event? Awesome set-up and fun activities!

The entrance to the Mind Museum shows the different hair styles that could damage one’s hair!

It is once again a white affair (this time with a touch of fun colors!) . I was late and when I came in I love the white background and burst of colors!


The Dove Team demonstrated how the Dove takes care of the hair through a rose experiment. Two roses were submerged in different solutions for 10 seconds – one is with Dove and the other normal hair product. Dove has Keratin-Actives (a patented hair care technology) which repairs damaged hair and strengthen it to make it more resilient against future damages. It provides nourishment and deeply penetrate into hair to repair it from the inside out.

The roses are then blow-dried and after 6 minutes (the average time girls spend blowing hair) the other one looked wilted and dry. 
We don’t want that to happen in our hair right? I personally don’t want to go back to the days when I would have to always tie my hair to conceal its damage. 
So Dove encourages Filipinas to realize their Real Beauty Potential by proving hair products that really care. 
Dove let us tease, twirl, tousle and play with our hair during the event.
We were not afraid to experiment because we know we will get goodies from Dove (teheheh). 
with beautiful ladies Eunice Dauz, Ruth Floresca, Nikki Tiu, Rhea Bue, 
Angela Nepomuceno and Earth Rullan

After playing with our hair, we played, teased and twirled in front of the camera for fun photobook souvenir! Will post mine at Instagram! Please follow me @ruthilicious 😉
One of the hair tips I want to share, try to use products interchangeably with other products. I use Clear Shampoo in the morning and different brand at night, the I use different conditioners every two weeks to maximize the products’ effect on your hair. It does work for me, maybe you guys can try 🙂 
So girls, please do have fun with your hair! Follow @doveph and share your #DoveGoPlay moments
Follow Dove’s Instagram to find out how you can also take home the lovely kit we received!
It contains Babyliss Hair Straightener, Dove Hair Therapy Products and Hair Accessories! 
And for those who love the skirt I am wearing today, well, I got it from SM GTW (for teens!)
Thank you once again Bridges and Unilever for having me!
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