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Kiss Your Loved One Inside the #MysteryBoxinBGC

February 14, 2015

Have you always wanted to kiss your special someone in public but just cannot do it because ..

  • You worry about what people would think..
  • You are just too shy..
  • You want it still to be a romantic moment even in a public place.

Well, Dentiste set up a mystery box in BGC, the Fort near FullyBooked so couples can go inside , kiss and show their love + have their silhouette photographed for keepsake!

The mystery box has been unveiled last Friday and I had to battle traffic and mad lovers to get to the Fort to witness the magic inside the box! The team had to wait for the sunset to make things more fun and romantic.

Check this cute pic of Ava and her son 🙂 You see, the box is not just for lovers and couples – it is for everyone.

This is how the box looks on the side 🙂 
Joining us that afternoon was Kring Elenzano and Jimmy Kim, 
grand winning couple of “I DO”
Look at how adorable and fun they are inside the box!

I do not have someone to share the moment inside the box with – but lookie, our friends from Dentiste gave me this special box to ensure we are kiss-ready!
The box includes Dentiste’ Premium Night Time Toothpaste, which is the first nightime toothpaste that helps inhibit night time bacteria for fresh morning breath.  It features a proprietary blend of 14 kinds of premium natural extracts, Xylitol, CDX (Cyclodextrin Coplex) and other premium ingredients. 
Go visit the #MysteryBoxinBGC 
I was there yesterday (Valentine’s Day) and people were delighted to share their kissing moments inside the box!
The box will be open until 11 pm today 🙂
Share your pictures with @dentistekiss and use the hashtag! Would love to see your photos!
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