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February 4, 2015

New from Jack & Jill: Champalok and Mintini Candies

I received these boxes of candies from our friends in Jack & Jill. What's inside are not ordinary candies!

Ever heard of Champalok and Mintini? Very cute and fun names for candies, and assure you they are fun to eat too!

That packaging of Champalok is grinning at me teasingly so I had to try it first. It reminds me of sour gummy candies - and they are indeed sour! It is packed with same sampaloc flavor you know and love but without the seed!

It is gummy and chewy and will give you a good squeeze of sour flavor. The pack is only Php 5 for 20 grm snack pack! What a treat! Perfect for sudden sampaloc craving - preggy or not. It is not even messy to eat!

Next on the taste test, the Mintini! Okay, I love its witty name that can pass as a cocktail name! (say, an alcoholic beverage with creme de menthe!).

Anyway, these individually packed mint candies are perfect for refreshing breaks. Mintini Sweet Mint Soft Candy is the first mini flavoured soft chewy candy from Jack & Jill that guarantees a minty breather in the middle of busy days. It comes in mint and chocolate-filled mints :)

Grab these two new exciting candies from Jack & Jill at leading supermarkets and grocery stores!

Do you have any new fun food discovery? Drop a comment below!

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