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LOUIS XIII ‘s #QuestforaLegend: Search for Rarest Decanter on Earth

February 7, 2015

When was the last time you tasted something fine and exquisite?  A delicate alcohol ( a cognac, maybe?) that years has made it a more cherished drink.

Each, and every home has that precious bottle of alcohol – an heirloom, a gift, a memento or an acquistion that has stayed with us for years. It remained unopened, untouched and never tasted. We never know, this bottle could be the hidden treasure that the House of Louis XIII is looking for.

$200/glass of this fine drink that is, LOUIS XIII

I had a pleasure to taste a fine Remy Martin cognac last Thursday at the (equally fine) restaurant, Tasting Room in City of Dreams over an intimate dinner hosted by Marie-Amelie Jacquet, 4th Generation of the Owning Family of Remy Martin and Christope Bourrie, Regional Director for Louis XIII.

My introduction seems so fine and French, indeed. It was a dinner and launch quest like no other. We all walked and moved delicately – especially we have precious bottle and cask of Remy Martin in the room.

The House of Louis XIII launches the Quest for a Legend to unveil a hidden treasure. The rare treasure could be something that is hidden at your home.

Click Read More to find out more about the Remy Martin #QuestforaLegend…


The Remy Martin Louis XIII 
The famous crystal decanter that holds this blend of precious 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged from 40 up to 100 years was inspired by a metal flask lost in 1569 on the battlefield of Jarnac. It was found some 300 years later near the vines of Cognac. 
The Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 426
There are only 738 casks – only 738 decanters filled to the rim with fine cognac.
The City of Dreams, Manila keeps the bottle 426. The first rare cask in the Philippines would be up for raffle in the City of Dreams 🙂 

The Quest for a Legend is a worldwide search for the rarest Louis XIII decanter on earth. We are talking about unopened, with at least 50% original liquid in the bottle. The quest will scour the globe in pursuit of the rarest decanter in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

Louis XIII is created in Cognac in 1874 which first decanters crossed the borders of Europe and set sail for the United States in 1876. In 1881, Asia had tasted the fine French elixir – savored in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines.

Marie Amelie Jacquet
4th Generation of the Owning Family of Remy Martin
 Christope Bourrie, Regional Director for Louis XIII.

“This quest is not a race against time, it is time itself that we are after”

“We are proud to be the first region to lead the Quest for a Legend, in search of the rarest and most unique decanter. Louis XIII set foot on the shores of Singapore, Calcutta and Penang in 1881 and by 1883, it had reached Manila.”

LOUIS XIII #QuestfortheLegend

Calling all collectors of Louis XIII, you could be in the possession of the rarest LOUIS XIII decanter – send details and photos of your LOUIS XIII bottle via SMS, text, WhatsApp or through local Remy Marin office. You may also check out:

  • Contest period: February 3, 2015 to March 31, 2015
  • Participants need to provide full name, age, ID, contact information, nationality and details of LOUIS XIII acquisition.
  • Participant must be legal owner of bottle.
  • He/she must be citizen or resident of the participating countries in SEAMI.
  • He/she must be 18 years old and above, and at least 25 years of age for India.
  • Participants can submit more than 1 entry. 
  • The winner will be chosen by an expert committee who will assess each bottle with a set of criteria. 
  • Remy Cointreau International reserves the right to make the final decision.

LOUISXIII #QuestforaLegend Winner Prize

It is time to visit the old cellar, clean up the antique houses and scour the wooden bars for the rarest bottle, because the prizes are just too awesome!
  • Two return Business Class air tickets.
  • Two first class return train tickets between Paris and Angouleme.
  • Car pick up transfer to the Estate (who knows you could get luxury ride like this).
  • A hosted lunch at the Estate.
  • Guided Tour of the Estate, grounds, cellar and distillery.
  • A tasting of Louis XIII and Dinner.
  • One night’s accommodation in Cognac

The grand quest called for a gustatory celebration. We had good food at Tasting Room (more about it on a separate blog post :))

And as for my experience of tasting the precious LOUIS XIII – (I am no expert at alcohol – but I did study bar management), all I can say is LOUIS XIII is the finest and smoothest cognac I have tasted. It has a sweet aroma that is more like a perfume. It is inviting, unlike the other alcoholic beverages that is too strong in the palate. Its flavor playfully lingered in my mouth – bursting the different tones. Simply fine and precious.

Thank you the house of Louis XIII, Yen and Chuckie for making me a part of the quest, and for letting me taste a legendary concoction of time and flavor. 

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