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February 9, 2015

Rooftop Garden Inspirations + Benefits

During the construction of our home some 9 years ago, we planned to build a garden on a rooftop. It never happened. Today, our rooftop is the place to do laundry together with some humble plants under my mom's care.

I am still wishing to transform it into a beautiful roof garden soon. Here are some rooftop garden inspirations:


Roof gardens are not new concept, and is actually around for centuries. In the Philippines, roof garden was first introduced by SM Prime Holdings via the 400-meter Sky Garden. Although SM North EDSA is such a busy place, I love its Sky Garden that provides a relaxing ambiance outside. You can forget about the busy traffic in EDSA and a busier crowd inside the mall. There is always something relaxing about walking down the bridge with nice green plants. Oftentimes, I prefer to walk outside the Sky Garden from The Block to the Annex because I feel that I get cleaner air outside than that from the crowded mall. 

Roof gardens are proven to reduce temperature the area where they are built, providing a cooler sanctuary in the midst of sweltering urban jungles. It also helps in absorbing water whenever it rains, thus, prevents flooding. 

I wish there would be more buildings and establishments that would build sky gardens and rooftop gardens especially that cities in Manila are too crowded and urban planning is not very efficient. Summer is coming and we definitely need more shades and fresher air. 

Where is the best rooftop garden that you have visited?

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