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February 12, 2015

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I do love receiving gifts, chocolates and love – Valentine’s Day or not. The tricky part is, if you don’t know me, you would not have an idea what I love and like to receive.

It is the universal truth that applies to all. It is hard to buy the best gift for someone. Most of the time, occasions fail because of unwanted gifts 🙂 
Interestingly, I discovered this new site that allows users to send secret gifts to their loved ones virtually – and you would know if the recipient likes the gift or not (which would help you decide before buying) PLUS, you can even send it anonymously to give it a little mystery and surprise. 
It is called “Secret Gift”. The resident cupid at will take care of this for you. is an e-Commerce website that allows Filipinos to buy products that are NOT available or hard to find in the Philippines. 

How does’s Secret Gift Work?

  1. Pick a gift from over 200 million products in
  2. Fill out the form with the recipient’s name and link of chosen gift.
  3. An email or text will be sent to your recipient asking if he/she would like to accept the gift. 
  4. The crew will tell you if the recipient likes the gift or not – if they do, go ahead and purchase it, if not – well, go back to step 1.
  5. When the gift is sent, you can choose to reveal your true identity through a greeting card or keep it hidden and let your recipient wonder who sent the gift. 
This sounds sooo exciting and smart!

Why I love the Secret Gift?
♥ The element of surprise!
 It would save you money and time looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones.
 You can stay anonymous and reveal yourself with a special dedication once the gift is sent. has wide selection of products to choose from.
Well, I just wish they can add a feature where recipient can add something in the wishlist to make it a lot more easier for the sender 🙂
Okay, here I am now waiting for a Secret Gift to be sent in my inbox and doorstep. If you want to send me a gift – here’s my email address: admin[at]ruthdelacruz[dot]com. 
Happy shopping and liking!

What do you guys think of this new way of shopping and gifting?

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