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Sky Cable Sky-on Demand: Watch Your Favorite Shows on Your Own Time

February 25, 2015
Something BIG came from the Sky last night at the Loft, in Manansala, Rockwell as Sky Cable launched its new service – SKY on-DEMAND!
The new SKY on-DEMAND allows one to watch his/her favorite TV shows on his/her own time. No more rushing home just to get to the show timeslot, no more relying on small screens of your mobile phones and tablets to watch your favorite shows and definitely, no more home recording! You can instantly play back the TV Shows that you want and even create your playlist. 

You can catch your favorite shows, even local ones –  House of Cards, Master Chef, Restaurant Impossible, Pawn Stars, Bondi Vet, Scorpion, Extant, Red Band Society, Ben 10, Dora, Adventure Time, Chowder, and Two Wives! or TV Patrol. You can also tune in to RTL-CBS, History, Asian Food Channel, Food Network Asia, E!, Lifetime, Cartoon Network, FYI, Nickelodeon, and local networks such as ANC and ABS-CBN. You can also watch movies from Paramount Pictures, NBC-Universal, Stsr Cinema, Regal Films and Viva Films.
The number of shows that you can watch is limitless with a PIN security functionality for each profile so parents can assure that kids cannot subscribe to just any show available in the diverse menu. Subscribers can also assure of more efficient customer service from SKY Cable to support queries about the new Sky on-Demand service. 

During the launch, Morisette gave an amazing and energetic performance! It was my first time to see her perform live and I was awed!

The most exciting part was the Quiz Night section! Our friends from the PR team ensured that blogger friends are distributed (haha, it reminds me of our Mobility Team Mobilympics!). Anyway, the topic was all (as expected) all about SKY Cable and the different shows. The question about Pawnstars and its location was a real miss for me. I knew and said it was Las Vegas because I was telling my friend that I wanted to visit the shop when I get the chance to visit Nevada. But since everyone was talking about LA – (California?) we went with it. It was a miss and another question which answer was Chris Brown.

It was awesome that we have people in the team who have different interests – we got to answer most of the questions correctly.  And who did you think win? Yes, Group 5! Woot!

Things You Need to Know About The Sky Cable Sky on-Demand:

  • To access Sky On-Demand, current SkyCable subscribers will have to upgrade their current SD or HD digibox to the On-Demand box for a one-time fee of as low as Php 499 depending on their subscription plan.
  • New subscribers can avail of the service for as low as Php 2,199 in installation fees.
  • The Sky On-Demand digibox has to be connected to an Iinternet service with at least a 3 Mbps speed.
Congratulations to SKY Cable for the amazing launch and thank you so much for having me! 

Pictures used in this blog post were taken using #Honor #Honor3CLite #FortheBrave
Picture quality is not as sharp as when using natural light, but pretty good phone for everyday use. More on that on the blog.  Soon!
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