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TGIFriday’s Jack Daniel’s Triple Barrel Combo

February 12, 2015

What is a date without a steak?

Well, it is still a date 🙂 I, personally would love to have pizza and movie for date, but for most people, they always go for fancy dinners and steak.

But bad steak (bad food) might ruin a good first date – so better be sure that you go to where good food and good times happen – TGIFriday’s!


TGIFridays does know how to serve good food from appetizers and entrees, to drinks and desserts. I was just recently at TGIFriday’s (with a date)  – a married man whose scent reminds me of this floid. I was back the other day to try out the new Jack Daniel’s offerings from Fridays!

“The Jack Daniel’s sauce has always been a Fridays signature, we want our Jack Daniel’sfavorites in one platter for everyone to share and enjoy. The recent additions still come in huge portions and are meant for sharing. Aside from this, all Triple Barrel Combos also come with refillable rice. This means groups can enjoy an order that give more value for money — a characteristic that has made TGI Fridays one of the most popular restaurants in the country.” 

– Guia Abuel VP Operations.

We were just in time when my friend and I came.. we were served with these …
Steak and Garlic Fries
One of the few steaks I love. It is perfectly cooked medium-well. My friends know I am not a steak person, but I am giving a thumbs up for this dish!
Double Mushroom Ribeye
This dish also did not disappoint! I love the creamy mushroom sauce and the penne pasta with generous cheese and bacon bits!
I mentioned in my previous blog that I love the Chili Cheese Fries! 
New addiction 🙂 
For dessert, we had New York Cheesecake. 
So thick and solid, its texture is close to an ice cream. 
 Island Breeze Sundae is a delightful and colorful tropical treat of pineapple and mango bits with wanton crisps topped with vanilla ice cream and cream – don’t forget the cherries! Perfect for sweet sharing 🙂 

Now, dig this – Jack Daniel’s Triple Barrel Combos, Salmon, Chicken & Chop – chargrilled Norwegian salmon fillet, roasted chicken and grilled tender pork glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce; Chicken, Chop & Shrimp – Roasted chicken, grilled tender pork chop and deepfried battered shrimps; Ribs, Chop & Shrimp includes half rack of Cajun – spiced pork ribs, grilled tender pork chop and deep-fried battered shrimps.
All combos are served with corn on the cob, seasonal vegetable, refillable rice and TGIFridays signature Jack Daniel’s sauce.

Okay, it is such a bad idea to blog at this hour. Now I am craving and I cannot wait to go back at TGIFriday’s! If you are planning a dinner date and just cannot get a reservation at fancy restaurant, you know where to go  – where it is always Friday 🙂  The Jack Daniels offerings featured here are available at limited time offer only, so hurry! 🙂

PS. I got to meet someone during our visit at TGIFridays! Check out my instagram @ruthilicious to find out who! 😉


** pictures taken using #Honor #FortheBrave #Honor3cLite more on it, soon 🙂 

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