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Pipes and Tubes

March 15, 2015

Sometimes I wish I were a plumber, so I can wear overalls and jumpers everyday – like our favorite, Super Mario, Brothers. But I know I can never be a plumber because I only know tube as something that you wear for a night out and pipe is used to smoke.

My visit to WorldBex 2015 yesterday gave me a better understanding of pipelines. We had a little tour at the exhibit by Neltex. 

Neltex Development Corporation is the leading provider of durable tubes and pipes in the country. The company’s exhibit situated in the middle of World Trade Center Hall is something that you cannot miss. It is like seeing through the walls and floorings of your house (well, that is if you guys have a good pipeline system at home with Neltex products).

The exhibit shows how each pope should be ideally planned in your home.
If you notice the different pipe colors, they are color coded based on standards that was actually passed by Neltex:

Blue: Potable Water (safe to drink)
Brown: Non-potabble water
Orange: Electrical
White: Hot or Cold Water

The White tube/pipe is something new to me. We have hot/cold shower at home but I do not recall having white tubes. Neltex team confirmed that it is still safe (as long as we have Neltex tubes installed). The white tubes are just perfect for the changing temperature especially hot water.

See below how pipes look like in the washroom.

Now, electrical wirings should be properly secured. Make sure that when you are building a house or buying a new house, the contractor uses good materials like Neltex. It is always to invest on good materials than be sorry in the future. 
Sinks should have Y pipes to keep foul smell of drainage – or grease trap. 
This wooden-like door is made of plastic perfect for use in the washroom. We have something like this installed at lower level washroom, but this new design looks so solid and wood-y 🙂

Check how think and durable the pipes are by Neltex. They are also HMF Certified meaning there are no hard metal in the products which makes it  safe to the environment and workers.

I love everything about houses and building houses, and although materials like pipes are not the most glamorous to look at, they are the backbones of your home. 
Hamming it up with Lou!
Much is expected from pipe manufacturing companies to provide the precise, state-of-the-art, durable and reliable pipes, joints and seals. They have to be 100% leak-free, environment-friedly and health-safe. 

The roads near our place are all under work and repair. What causes these pipe problems?
  • Typhoons averaging 20 times a year cause flooding and put pressure on water pipes and underground pipes
  • Increase in population causes environmental wastes
  • Building construction and house building
Here’s an interesting fact:
Pipe Leak is highly caused by improper pipe fitting due to conventional installation and non-secure working condition.
What is the best solution for Major Pipeline Problems?
Neltex offers the use of PVC Neltex Pressureline Pipe with machine-installed fixed seal solution that leaves no margin for error.
PVC Neltex SewerGuard Pipe with SewerLock Seal for concrete pipes jointed in uneven slopes.
PVC PowerGuard Pipes with PowerLock is best good for underground electrical system which is waterproof and air tight.
Know more about Neltext at

I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Coming up next.. design inspiration for your new condo unit 🙂 
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