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March 30, 2015

The Panadol Power

If I tell you I discovered a medicine that could transform me into a superhero, would you believe me (or at least believe the medicine brand)?

Kidding aside, Panadol made us all superheroes during the launch of its newest ambassador, Ryan Agoncillo. I briefly mentioned about this story during my A Day in a Life of a Blogger post, but I thought I would share this story again because this morning, Panadol did make me a superhero.

I am always successful in staying away with medicine and drugs whenever I feel body pain - be it dysmennorhea, headache or gastritis. I believe in natural healing of the body. I don't even take any food supplement or multi-vitamins. But this morning, just like the previous mornings, I experienced a really bad headache. Headache usually means colds and fever are coming, or the weather was just too hot for me. Anyway, Panadol was quite accessible from my bedside and you can guess what happened next..

I became a superhero! 

True to what Ryan Agoncillo shared during the launch, Panadol provides the power for quick recovery that gives him time to more important matters like spending time with family and son Lucho. Imagine, Ryan is a sportsman who is into motorcycles and triathlons. We see him everyday in Eat Bulaga, but his weekends are even busier.

“My family is my top priority. Even if I get busy with work and my other pursuits, I makesure that I get to spend quality with my wife and my kids. But, sometimes, because of my workload, I suffer from terrible headaches,” Ryan relates. “Fortunately, there’s Panadol. It offers fast relief to make my super moments with my family pain-free! Indeed, when pain is gone, life takes its place.”

Panadol works 5 times faster than other brands. It is easily dissolved and goes to the blood which provides instant relief. 

What makes Panadol with Optizorb® truly different from other branded and generic paracetamol products is that it is the only product to contain Optizorb®, which has revolutionized the way paracetamol tablets are dispersed in the body, so it allows paracetamol to reach the bloodstream more quickly and be carried to where it acts to fight pain, five times faster.

I was able to go out and do the things that I needed to finish today, and although I personally don't want to rely on drugs whenever I feel pain, it is good that there's a brand that I can take whenever my superpower drops to zero. 

(Paracetamol) Panadol® with Optizorb® comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and a 10s pack. Each tablet has an SRP of PHP 4.00 and is available at all leading drugstores nationwide. 

For more information on pain management, visit www.panadol.com.

Do you have superhero stories too?
What do you do when you experience headache or body pain?

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