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Three Ways a Marriage Celebrant Improves Your Wedding Day

March 5, 2015
When you’re planning your wedding, you have many decisions to make. You have to decide where to hold the event, finalise your invite list, choose your clothing and wedding style, and what food will be served. All these aspects of the day are important, but have you thought about who will conduct your ceremony? It’s the official beginning of the lifelong journey with your loved one and it’s crucial that your day is conducted the way you want it to be; that is, personal to you.
Below you will find three major reasons to hire a celebrant in Melbourne for your special day.

The need to be adaptable
When it comes to planning, few events compare to a wedding day but even they have surprises (including some of the biggest!) Fortunately, marriage celebrants in Melbourne are well-trained and will help you handle any of the surprises that may come your way. They have a history of officiating weddings, so they will help you overcome any obstacles and ensure the day is beautiful.
Adding a personal touch to the day

A major benefit of hiring a marriage celebrant is the level of personalisation you’re provided. A celebrant has training to work closely with you to give you the wedding you dream of having. Celebrants pride themselves on their own personal style but will meet with a couple several times to customise your script and personalise every aspect of your day, while remaining legal.
Blessed with the ultimate freedom
Many people used to be forced to hold similar weddings and although traditions still stick, we’re now given the ultimate freedom to make our day unique to our relationship and minimise the unwanted surprises. Couples are far more empowered to hold a wedding the way they want.
Hiring a personable marriage celebrant means being able to customize the wedding ceremony to fit the beliefs of the couples involved. If you want ultimate freedom and feel like moving far away from the norm, you need to hire marriage celebrants in Melbourne. All of the traditional wedding restrictions will be washed away, and you can enjoy the marriage ceremony that you’ve always dreamed of. Amanda Pattie is a well-known marriage celebrant, and if you want to learn more about her services, visit

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