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March 15, 2015

Unpacking Great UK Fashion Finds at Lazada Philippines

A dress originally at Php 3,000, dropped the priced at Php 500, will you buy it?

I did buy it. A nice, funky and fierce dress from a brand in UK. It is a good deal. Thank you to Lazada Philippines' Chinese New Year Sale. I even added a cool sweat dress also priced at Php 500.

Here are the cool finds I got from Lazada. Lazada carries not just local brands but also UK Fashion Brands. To make it a little more fun for you guys, I am sharing my unpacking video. 

Let me know if you want to see more unpacking or unboxing videos :) 

Now the good deals!

Blomor Morticia and Gomez Shirt
Original Price: 69 UK Pounds/Php 3,995
Sale Price: Php 500!

Dead Lovers Midi-BodyCon
Original Price: 3,650\
Sale Price: Php 500!

I love shopping at Lazada Philippines because my orders usually come the following day and you can even send items for return or replacement. 

For that, I am giving Lazada Philippines a good review at ShopVenture!  If you guys have not heard of ShopVenture, it is a cool site where online shoppers like me write reviews about different online stores. I love that the reviews help other shoppers + it is good to discover new shops online :) 

Check out ShopVenture and start writing your reviews. 
After you register, please comment that you discovered the site via "ruthilicious". 

Plus, if you register today, you would get a chance to win this very nice sleeves worth $370 USD!

Til my next shopping adventure and great find discoveries! 

Have you recently purchased a good deal? 
Share on the comments below :) 

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