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5 Simple Potluck Dishes + 15-Minute White Pasta Recipe Using Clara Ole

April 14, 2015
I should not be blogging today. I just want to be lazy. Stay in my room, stream movies and get fat. It is always the same feeling every after vacation/trip/staycation (I would tell you more about our Matabungkay Beach Resort staycation soon). 

But I thought of sharing with you my kitchen adventures because I rarely cook. I thought of playing with pans and pots today and I came up with a simple pasta dish using Clara Ole Bechamel Sauce and Carbonara Sauce.
I am quite surprised with how easy it is to cook a simple White Pasta Dish using Clara Ole! I know how tricky and elaborate to cook Bechamel Sauce is (my first time to try was back in College)! But my cooking time was cut down into half with the help of Clara Ole – and hey, Clara Ole has different pasta sauces and flavors – and dips and jellies too!

Click Read More to see my Simple White Pasta Recipe creation 🙂

Clara Ole understands that a lot of us are busy people and most condo-dwellers have limited space. Most households (even us who have our own kitchen and space) choose to order food delivery because it is more convenient. Thankfully, Clara Ole has food solutions for this and to let us experience the convenience of home cooking with Clara Ole, we had a little fun Potluck FoodFest in R Space last week!
DJ Gelli Victor (she’s still as gorg and pretty as ever despite just giving birth!) hosted the event and it was graced by Amy Perez who also shared with us her simple pasta recipe. Amy admitted that her boys (sons and husband) love pasta and she experiments with different sauces and ingredients to bring different flavors to them everyday.
The buffet spread showcased gourmet dishes using Clara Ole Products. I was surprised to know that Clara Ole also has Jellies and Salad dressings:


If you guys are living in a condominium property, you are on to a sweet treat!  Clara Ole will host Potluck Parties to condominium communities where corresponding celebrity residents would join to share #diskartips for a particular theme:
 a Manny Pacquiao-inspired game night (April 25
 Summer or Nautical Theme (May 9)
 Children’s Theme (May 11)
 Birthday Party Theme (May 17)
Singles’ Night (June 6)
Movie Night (June 20)
Entertaining the Balikbayan Theme (June 27)
 YOLO Night (July 11)
Thinking of what to bring to a potluck party?
Here are some Potluck Dishes Ideas by Clara Ole:

 Tuna Pesto using Cheesy Pesto Sauce
Grilled Asian Prawn Salad with Clara Ole Korean Marinade and Guava Jelly
Carbonara Manila with Clara Ole Carbonara Pasta Sauce
Hickory Barbeque with Clara Ole Barbeque Marinade Sauce
Simple Carbonara in Fusili using Clara Ole Carbonara and White Sauce
(ehem! my own recipe!)
1. Cook pasta per pack instruction. I used Dona Elena Al Dente Fusili pasta to add color to the dish.
2. Saute’ garlic and cook chopped bacon until crisp.
3. In a separate pan, mix Clara Ole Carbonara Sauce and Clara Ole White Sauce and add water – cook in slow heat.
4. Beat 2 eggs and add grated cheese and black pepper.
5. Temper the egg by adding white sauce mix (that’s my #diskartips!)
6. Gradually add egg mixture to white sauce mixture.
7. Let it simmer.
8. Serve pasta dish by adding bacon bits and grated cheese (optional)
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Do you also have cooking tips and recipes using Clara Ole?
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