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Crocs Sale Event: Sneak Peek + My Php 299 Retro Slingback Flat Purchase!

April 24, 2015
Today’s story is about our shopping adventures at the Crocs Mega Sale Event (!!!!)

A little intro, I was originally set to go the M&M’s event in Eastwood, but when I found out that my friend Rochelle was also going to the Crocs Event, I decided to join in thinking we could finish at 11 am then I could get to Eastwood at 12ish. But you know what happened next – there’s a big difference between expectations and reality (try to Google memes and blame everything to traffic!).
Anyway, for those who are going – here’s a quick tip on how to get to the Filinvest Tent – well, you need a car. It was impossible and real challenge to commute via cab. If you have Waze in your phone that’s super (I didn’t have waze installed in the phone I was testing). We got lost. But the easiest way would be – turn left on the first stop light from the Skyway exit. 

You would see people gathered around the white tent. There’s the Crocs Sale event!


There was a long line outside and a cool Shakey’s Bus! 
Thankfully, we were able to locate our contact and we got our access and pass inside. 
I was itching to go straight to where the broken sizes are! Haha. But Len gave us a quick brief. The Crocs shoes and items are displayed per size to make it easier for the customers to shop. My heart did somersaults when she said that broken sizes (size 10 and 5) are at php 299/pair! What?!?! 
I dismissed taking pictures and went straight to W10 (Women’s 10). It was empty, All the good deals were gone (?) For the first time I felt lucky to have such big shoe size and my moment was over. 
I checked W9 and found some pairs that fit (and hey look at the prices!)
I did my quick choosing and fitting because I want to fly to the next event (we call it lagare! haha)

These are the cutest pairs of slippers I have seen from the Junior Sizes. 
For the boys!
  For the kids!

 Trinkets and Knick Knacks at Php 299 each

Set of 5 for Php 100! 
Cellphone holder 

And lookie, Hogwarts Sling Bags! I was tempted to buy (but then again, do I need them?) 
#SmartShopping 🙂 
I finally settled on 1 slingback flat for me and mom, and Thermalucent Snake Print Flat
At the cashier, the queue were starting to get crazier. There is a separate line for PWD and Senior Citizens, but they have total of 8 cashiers helping with the checkout process. 
I thought my total damage would be around Php 3,600 (for 3 pairs worth Php 1,200 each).
I was surprised when they tagged my Slingback Flat and it registered Php 299 in the POS machine!
(imagine me doing another sommersault!) 

My Haul


Thermalucent Snake Print Flats from 3,380 to Php 1,200
Crocs Retro Slingback Flat (Espresso Chai) from Php 2,450 to Php 1,200
Crocs Retro Slingback Flat (Navy) from Php 2,450 to Php 299!

Yay! The Broken Sizes special discount is real! So happy to be able to grab that one lonely pair. 
Total Damage is Php 2,699. It was like paying for only 1 pair of Crocs!
For those who are curious, here’s the price list of the items on sale:
It was my first time to go to a Crocs Sale Event, and here’s what I love about the event:
  • The sizes are properly laid on the table per size which makes for easy shopping.
  • There is a control on the number of people who can get inside the tent. 
  • There is a washroom inside. 
  • The place is spacious. 
  • I love the Broken Sizes Special Sale (but I wish there were more stocks).
  • The shoes are tied to the right pair. No need to dig in to boxes of shoes. No need to play prince for the missing shoe pair. 

What can be improved? 
We got there at around 11:30 and all the size 10 shoes were gone. I had a feeling that they are holding it for the bigger crowd tomorrow or on Sunday. There’s a woman who was complaining about not getting anything because (again) size 10 shoes were all gone. I feel her. I would be mad if I also lined  up and eventually go home empty-handed. On a lighter note, that’s good news for you people who missed the first day. If they will unbox more size 10 shoes, that’s both good (for you) and bad (for us who traveled the long way to “supposedly” get the first dibs today. It was supposedly a VIP day for cardholders).

Overall, we enjoyed our road trip to Filinvest for this shopping event.
It was too bad that I completely missed the M&Ms Philippine Tour event.. but you guys can check the hashtag #MMSPH2015 to see what went down during the event. I need to send apologies to my PR friend for missing the event 🙁

Driving all the way to Alabang to Crocs Mega Sale. Sale happening today until Sunday, April 26. I will blog about what you can find later! 🙂
Posted by Rochelle Miko Kawasaki on Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Crocs Mega Sale is on from April 24 to April 26, 2015 (Sunday)
10 AM to 7 PM

Thank you so much Crocs for the invite! 
If you guys are shopping, tag me on your purchases and hauls! I want to see them! @ruthilicious 🙂 

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