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How to Do More with Less + Win Prizes from Electrolux

April 29, 2015
Back when I was still working for the Big Blue and juggling work and work (blogging), I was always asked the same question by my friends and coworkers: how do you balance your time and do more?
I always told them it is all hard work and working hard but making it look easy. I remember spending my time only doing the things that matters to me. Spending my weekends to rest, relax or bond with family (strictly no working). I spend less time on social media and truly connecting with people.  Blogging/responding to personal emails are set whenever I travel from Manila to my workplace – that was when I appreciate traffic. Hehe.
Now, it is not just the time that is essential to me but also space and resources. That’s why, I am truly happy with Electrolux’s new campaign #DoMoreWithLess.
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The campaign was launched in Abenson, Ascott, The Fort with Electrolux’s brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Chef Rose Bud Benitez and Chef Bruce Lim. 

Electrolux recognizes that moms and homemakers (like dads) are practical and resourceful when it comes to managing household and upcycling things at home. I can testify that – hearing my mom reminding me not to throw away stuff because we can still use and reuse them. 🙂

“Moms are inventive. Leave it to them to find a way to recycle something that seems unusable,” “Electrolux’s newest campaign wants to show moms how easy it is to do more with less when they have the right home appliances to help them out.” said Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines. 

Cheska, Rosebud and Chef Bruce shared their practical tips on how they recycle or upcycle things at home. Rosebud has a left-over cookbook which stores recipes that she refers to when “recycling” leftover food. While Chef Bruce admits that at home, he spends less time in the kitchen to spend time with his family. He then utilizes the Electrolux appliances and microwave to create something like a 5-minute microwave-oven-baked dessert. 

Cheska on the other hand shared with us an interesting project/gift she received from her mom – a rag doll made of old clothes or socks. For someone who can buy everything they need in their household, Cheska admits that her kids wear hand-me-down clothes. The old clothes are also given to her nieces and nephews.

After the talk, our creativity was challenged through a game.  Electrolux always comes up with exciting and engaging games! We were grouped into 7 members and were given 15 minutes to come up with something useful from the junk that we typically find at home.

Photo Credit: Fashion Eggplant
Our masterpiece … TENEN!A hanging terrarium that we can display at home or use during events – say weddings or parties. It can be a practical storage for knick knacks at your room too. Tita Sarah did the presentation. 
The other groups did very well too. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. 🙁

My friend, Mother Ruth was one of the big winners though! She won a new top load washing machine from the raffle! Do you want to own Electrolux products too?
I am still in the process of completely adapting lifestyle change. I am starting with the things that I own and upcycling the things we have at home. Press kits and gift boxes are recycled. My closet and wardrobe are under constant review. I stopped acquiring and buying things I don’t need. I eliminate wastage and starting to host a little garden at our roof top (so thank you Electrolux for the Rosemary gift!)
Do you have tips on how you do more with less?
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