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The Things You Need to Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers

April 1, 2015
I had the funniest conversation with my friend two weeks ago. When we heard that she’s leaving her corporate job, we asked her what she is planning to do with her money? She said that she wants to get fillers.
It is not that she is old or looks old. She actually looks so young and youthful. My friends and I had the same reaction – “you don’t need it!”
It’s been two weeks the last time we saw her, and for all we know she is already consulting a doctor, and asking about fillers.
Aging is inevitable. But the goal is to age with grace. I am no longer afraid to share my real age, because I love it when people say I look younger than my real age. Ha!
I was invited to an event hosted by Merz Aesthetics, a branch of Merz which is one of the leaders in terms of aesthetics and consumer health. Skin care and graceful aging are two of the topics I am always interested in. That afternoon, I have learned the things I need to consider before getting a filler.

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First, let’s find out what makes someone looks old?
Heart Shaped
Firm, resilient skin
Clear Contours
But because of gravity and aging, these happen:
Inverted heart shape
Wide Chin Line
Sagging Contours
Check out Tom Cruise’s pictures. He’s still incredibly handsome though.
What causes our skin to age?
Poor lifestyle
Lack of sleep
Unhealthy Diet
Lack of exercise
And what do we do to regain the confidence and self-esteem?
We put on makeup
We embrace healthy lifestyle
We consider invasive procedures

Filler: Radiesse

And speaking of invasive procedures, Merz Aesthetics offers a new product called Radiesse. It is a wrinkle filler that is injected in the skin to plump it, and overtime stimulate the collagen production. What is good about Merz Aesthetics is they do it based on your facial needs. They do not overdo it, and makes the treatment natural-looking. What is interesting, over time, the gel is absorbed and the body metabolizes the CaHA microspheres leaving behind only natural collagen.
What you need to know before getting a Radiesse dermal filler?

  • First, you need to know if you really need it. Oftentimes, Psychological treatments need to be done first to the patients before going under the knife. 
  • Patients need to tell doctors if they are taking blood thinners like aspirin as it might interfere with the clothing of blood.  
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not advised to have Radiesse fillers.
  • Be honest with your doctor about your budget 😉 
  • If someone offers you fillers at a very low price, be wary. Radiesse and fillers are expensive, and they do not come cheap. The doctors who are offering cheap services use silicon oil that causes cancer and other side effects.
  • Make sure that you only get the original filler – Radiesse. 

While this Radiesse looks promising, I am still not sure if I am open for invasive procedures for defying skin aging. Maybe, after 10 years, I would update this blog with my own experience of Radiesse filler complete with before and after pictures 🙂
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