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[Recipe] Simple and Healthy Sandwich using Eden Mayo Spread

April 28, 2015
Here’s an easy and healthier snack you can prepare at home using the Eden Mayo spread in resealable pack. I love this new spread discovery because – it has a taste of cheese, and it is easy to use and spread!
Side story, I was hungry like a beast yesterday (for some reason – I woke up really early – I will share the story why – soon 🙂 ),  I was madly craving for food every hour! I was thinking of grabbing chips but decided on preparing a healthier sandwich with the ingredients I found on the fridge.
The main characters of this story:

Lettuce that we got from the grocery. The packaging says: pesticide-free. I am all for it! Not organic but I am all for it!

TIP: Prepare and wash them and store in container with ice. Never use knife to cut/slice your lettuce. Use your hands to keep them crisp and prevent from wilting. 
Grapes that I was able to salvage from .. my hungry self too! Haha 
I just love grapes and I make sure I buy whenever we visit the supermarket. I am also craving for some fresh strawberries but I found out from my fave local store – they are not in season so there’s no delivery 🙁 

Green Apples! My brother is more of the apple person at home. But I prefer green apples over red ones. I just find red too redundant (err.. where did that come from?) 🙂 
Cherry Tomatoes! I am so excited over these Cherry Tomatoes that I got packed from DOLE. They are affordable at Php 15.00/pack 🙂 I eat them as is! 

Then of course, the Eden Mayo spread! I love the resealable pack which is handy when traveling or just plain snacking! 

Don’t forget the bacon strips! I cooked them in microwave to make them less fatty. Cook them in their own fat! 

 How to assemble and eat?

  1. Simply get a slice of bread – any bread would do but the perfect one is loaf bread.
  2. Put a bed of lettuce.
  3. Add a strip of bacon.
  4. Squeeze in some Eden Mayo spread (forget the Eden Cheese because the spread tastes like cheese!)
  5. Top with slice of green apple and cherry tomato!
  6. Open mouth and take a big bite.
  7. Pop in some grapes for more flavor!
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Repeat.

This should cost around Php 100 which you can share with your family. 

 I hope you enjoy my recipe! You can even just simply eat fresh lettuce and spread Eden Mayo – instant salad! My mom loves doing it!
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