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Social Media is Changing Marketing in the Travel Industry

April 29, 2015

There is so much to blog and stories to share, but all I really want is to update my travel blog. The internet has been a game changer for the travel industry. Online reservations and travel planning tools have made a huge impact on properties, airlines, rental car agencies, and more. However, social media is aiming to overtake all of those online tools in the vacation planning arena. The ability to interact with potential travelers and inspire them with some impressive photos and ideas is taking hold in a major way. One look at Blue Green Resorts on Facebook reveals just how powerful a marketing tool social media can be for any type of resort. Great pictures, promotions, and in-depth information are elements that make a successful social marketing campaign.

Great Pictures

People tend to be visual creatures, and travelers tend to respond to pictures on a regular basis. Therefore, carefully selecting photos for posts can result in more interactions. Shares, likes, and comments matter, and these activities can increase the exposure and reach of a post. Pictures of resorts are one thing, but pictures of travelers enjoying themselves at a resort are even better. Social media allows potential customers to get an overview of an offering, and finding a new, exclusive, or special feature of a property to showcase can get more visitors the site and increase bookings.

In-Depth Information

There are a lot of travel guides available on the internet. Everything from property reviews to menu offerings to resort features are probably already stored somewhere and available for visitors to use. Using social media to direct customers to that information, whether it is from the resort itself or another reliable partner, is one of the great assets of the technology. Sharing itineraries for travel groups, special event information, and other information not readily available is another way to get more visitors to the social networking page while still maintaining the integrity of the brand.


Using social media as a promotion tool is a great way to make the page appealing to travelers. While promoting contests is a popular method, using the page to alert visitors to business partners, like excursions, rental companies, or local establishments, can help the resort generate more interest. Travelers like to uncover new things, and when a post inspires someone to try something that results in a positive experience, they interact.

Social media has far reaching implications for the travel industry. The possibilities of the technology are virtually limitless. By embracing the marketing prowess of social sites, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and more can expand their reach and emphasize the unique features of the brand. Using great pictures, in-depth information, and clever promotional tactics companies can help current guests discover something new and help potential guests make those reservations. The power of social marketing makes it happen.

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