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Mondelez Joy: Recipes Using Mondelez Philippines’ Products

April 28, 2015
What do Tang, Eden Cheese, Oreo, Cheez Whiz, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Halls and Tiger Energy Biscuits have in common? 
I know, they are all good food – most of them are even our go-to and comfort food. We always grab them when we go to supermarket and we hate who ever took the last bite/piece/scoop of our favorite snacks. 
Well, all these brands are under Mondelez Philippines. It is the name chosen for the snacks company that was once part of former Kraft Foods.  What makes Mondelez Philippines more favourable than other products is that you can use these products for making snacks and other innovative recipes. 

The direction to split it from the North American arm which handles the portfolio in 2012 led to the creation of the name – Mondelez International but with the same heritage that we all grew up with. 
A “Glocal” – a cute term to refer to a company who is global and both local making waves in both economic arenas. What do you do when you are part of a global snacking company but have been in the Philippines for 52 years? You leverage on the two strengths. 

We are strengthened by our global snacking heritage. On the other hand, our local history and legacy have taught us to listen closely to what Filipino Consumers need. When we combine these power together, what results are snack products that have both global and local strengths and appeal” – Company’s Country Head, Ashish Pisharodi.

In order for us to appreciate the Mondelez Philippines’ products, the team prepared a cooking event for us at The Cookery in the Fort. Mommy Ruth and I were late (we got lost in Fort finding the venue!) but we came just in time for the “cooking show!” I was teamed up with the PBNet guys – Raffy, Karina and Amor. 
We used Mondelez Philippines products like Eden Cheese and Eden Mayo for the sandwich.
Trivia: Eden is a pioneer in the cartoon cheese category in the country. Since 19802 Eden has been providing moms that creamy cheese taste that’s perfect for meals and snacks. This summer, Eden comes with new innovation – a resealable pouch which makes it perfect for travels!

We also created yummy Oreo Pulvoron using the Oreo’s newest flavor – Coconut Delight! 
We had Karina and Amor take care of the sandwich, while I tried my hands on preparing the pulvoron. Thankfully, we were set next to Mommy Lace who is expert at cooking pulvoron!
First, we sifted and toasted the flour. 

Once toasted, we added the dry ingredients – sugar, powdered milk and crushed Oreo cookies.
Then gradually added the melted butter.  

In between these steps, Raffy and I were distracting the other teams talking in English and just being silly. That made the activity a lot more fun. 🙂  I was worried that Chef Renne was also getting distracted – but she said she enjoyed our “little show’ 🙂 In real life, you don’t horse around the kitchen, kids 🙂  Always be safe when using knife and cooking in the stove 🙂 
Once you achieved this form, it is time to mold them into yummy Pulvoron! 
.. TENEN! Beautifully wrapped by the #DigitalSpidey!
Polvoron with Oreo Coconut Delight

1 1/2 cups cake flour
3/4 cup powdered milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup crushed Oreo Coconut Delight flavor 
Polvoron mold

1. Heat a skillet then brown the flour to a light brown.
2. Add the powdered milk and make sure the two combine well.
3. Add the sugar, melted butter and the crushed Oreo Coconut Delight. Blend all the ingredients well.
4. Place the mix into a polvoron mold. 
5. Unmold. Serve as is or wrap with Japanese paper.
Now, here’s the Waldorf Salad Sandwich!
Everyone was so competitive about the plating and presentation when there was really no contest. 
But, it is always good to do your best in whatever you do, right?

Apple Grape Delight
Serves 2

1 piece green apple
1/4 kilo seedless grapes
Dash of cinnamon
4 slices whole wheat bread
2 tablespoons grated Eden Cheese
2 tablespoons Eden Mayo 

1. Slice the apple crosswise. Discard both ends, remove the core and seeds, and place pieces in a bowl.
2. Slice the grapes in half lengthwise and place in the same bowl as the apple pieces. Mix in with some cinnamon and toss slowly. Set aside.
3. Slice off the bread crust from the 4 bread slices. Wipe each slice with Eden Mayo. 
4. Arrange the fruit slices on top of 2 bread slices, apple slices on each side and  grape slices lined up to form 4 rows. Top with grated Eden Cheese. 
5. Top each slice with the fruits with the other 2 bread slices. Slice the sandwiches in half, lengthwise.
Here’s a smart one! Frozen fruits and juices molded as ice cubes to keep your juices cold without diluting them. 🙂 If you have been reading my blog and following me on IG (@ruthilicious), you know how I worship water and stay away from juices. But Tang’s Limited Edition Honey Lemon powdered juice is so refreshing! I got addicted. Must hoard NOW!

Iced Fruits with Tang
1 packet (25 gm) Tang Dalandan Litro or Honey Lemon
1 liter water
1/2 medium-sized mango
1/2 medium-sized melon

1. Mix 1 packet of Tang Dalandan with 1 liter of water in a pitcher. Set aside. 
2. With a kitchen or ice cream scooper, scoop small balls of mango and melon. 
Place the balls into 2 ice cube trays. Pour the mixed Tang Dalandan into the  trays. Freeze.
3. Chill the remaining mixed Tang Dalandan.
4. Before serving, get the ice cubes with the fruits and place equal cubes of mango  and melon into tall glasses. Pour in the chilled Tang Dalandan. Serve.
Thank you so much Mondelez Philippines, Cait and Charo for having us!
Excited to create new recipes using the Mondelez Philippines products 🙂 Check out the hashtag #MDLZJoy to see more pictures 🙂 
For more info about Mondelez Philippines, check out
And since I missed creating the sandwich, I tried creating my own using Eden Mayo spread..
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