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40 Decades of Good Times and Great Memories

May 14, 2015
Whenever I think of good times, I think of friends and family gatherings, and pizza deliveries! And when I think of pizza deliveries, I think of Shakey’s! 
Shakey’s has been a part of every family memory since it opened 40 years ago, in 1975. Every family member bonded with their favorite pizza, chicken and mojos. Truly, Good Times and Great Memories happen in Shakey’s. 

I remember ordering bazzillion pizza and chicken baskets from Shakey’s whenever my sister and her family would visit us for a vacation. Thank you to Shakey’s SuperCard that offers FREE Pizza for every Party Pizza and Soda order! How affordable can pizza indulgence get?

The brand continuously expanded and built their presence in the ever changing food trend through their creative innovations and unyielding passion to serve a great dining experience. The brand has expanded its presence beyond the plate by getting involved with the community and continuously developing new and fun ways to serve and interact with their Guests. I remember my brother and I got addicted to watching the Shakey’s V-League and we cheered for Angeli Tabaquero!

Shakey’s Evia


Shakey’s Hemady


Shakey’s Aseana

Shakey’s has now opened more than 150 stores in the Philippines. Even though things have evolved in order to keep up with the times, one thing that remains true to this day is their solid commitment to their Guests, which is the main source of their inspiration and will always be the driving force that pushes Shakey’s to greater heights. I remember celebrating 4 of our team mate’s birthday in Shakey’s Eastwood! 

Happy Birthday Kae Lagleva and Cassie Camarao! What a loong wait to publish this. I miss #Mobility #IBM friends :)…

Posted by Ruth Dela Cruz on Sunday, October 5, 2014

In 40 colorful years, Shakey’s has indeed built a legacy that has captured the hearts and tastes of many generations and because of this, Shakey’s, through time, will always feel brand new – still the family’s favorite place for celebrations – still the brand that constantly serves Good Times and Great Memories for more years to come.
Do you have good times and great memories made in Shakey’s? 
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