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Simple Hair Care Tips for the Hottest Summer

May 16, 2015
I have decided to cut my hair short and sport a wash-and-wear look because of the crazy hot weather. It was funny though that when I had my hair color fixed (because of grey hair), it ended up having a reverse ombre effect (I was in a hurry when I had it done last week, and I had to catch the BSB concert – everytime I look at the mirror, it reminds me to book another appointment to my hairstylist). 
I missed sporting a long, curly hair that is just effortlessly messy-and-sexy. My locks then looks so summer-y. BUT this kind of hair is hard to maintain because of the boiling temperature in Manila; add the harsh UV rays can breakdown the protective protein of hair strands, giving me a tangled mess of problems.


So, what do these risks mean for hair care this season?
How do we take care of our hair?

“The hair needs extra attention this time of the year. The weather conditions can be harsh for your hair, making styling and maintenance a bit trickier,”
 “Everyone can still explore different styles if they use styling equipment optimized to care for the hair.”says RJ Buenaventura, Philips General Manager for Personal Health. 

Philips haircare products can definitely help anyone breeze through the summer season safely and stylishly. With these tools, you can still get creative while caring for  your locks.

Using the proper hair styling tools

Ever wonder why your hair is extra fizzy during the summer? Humidity makes hair prone to fizzing due to water molecules in the air causing the hair shaft to swell. The Philips straightener is a great product that can solve this problem while adding a punch of style to your locks. With its innovative ionic conditioning feature, the hair follicles are smoothened and conditioned, giving way to silky locks without the frizz.

The Philips curler can efficiently give you wavy hair using a unique indicator that prompts users once their hair is ready, preventing over treating and over exposure to heat.

JC Gallegos, Philips Business Development Manager for Personal Care, also suggests  using products that are safe for the hair.

Hair Care is key!

This season, JC also emphasizes the need to be extra careful with your hair. “In addition to the usual risk of hair damage due to styling, constant exposure to saltwater and chlorinated water from pools can make hair more vulnerable and brittle. Before styling, dry hair with a gentle but efficient hair dryer.

The Philips Hairdryer has a special sensor that measures hair temperature and adjusts its temperature once the hair is dry. This helps preserve the moisture within the strands.

Additionally, this hair dryer has ceramic components that are gentler on the strands. It also protects hair from over-drying by drying strands from the inside.

Dipping in the pool or sea water is always a good idea, but hair damage may take forever to treat. It is always good to be always protected. Sun is out, let’s worship it – but don’t forget to always stay healthy and protected 🙂

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