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How Do We Minimize Food Wastage at Home #DoMoreWithLess

June 1, 2015

A snapshot of the yummy Peking Duck we had in Beijing. More on that soon!

A few years ago, I worked with a local government of Makassar, Indonesia and suggested steps on how to manage wastage in the hospital. Ever since, I have become more concerned about my lifestyle and personal ways in how I can help in managing wastage and saving the environment. 

How do we minimize food wastage?  Here is the list of how we do it at home:

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1. Only take the food that you can eat and finish.
I always get invited to events and buffet dinners – and you know how inviting and delectable buffet spreads can be. I make sure that I only take the food that I can finish. I start with getting small portions and only go back to the dishes that I want. 
2. Check the expiration items of the canned goods. 
I sometimes receive canned goods and packs of products from companies and I make sure that we take note of the expiration dates so we would know when to consume them – and which ones to consume first. 
Mom and I also think of recipes which use the products that we have at home. This way, we only need to buy the items and ingredients that we need. 
3. Follow the First In, First Out rule when storing fresh produce.
Whenever we do grocery or buy fruits, veggies and perishable items. We follow the First In, First Out rule in storage. We consume first the items that we already have at home and store the ones that we have just bought. We make sure that we consume them while they are still fresh so we can also take advantage of health benefits these products bring to our body.
4. Upcycle and recycle food peels and used products. 
I have posted some pictures of how I re-use, recycle and upcycle the products we usually consume at home. We want to make sure that we can make use of the products fully before disposing them.
5. Make a list of the items you have or you don’t have in your cupboard (whichever is easier) before going to the grocery.
Mom and I always check our stocks to make sure we only buy the things that we need and we can use and not overstock on products we don’t get to use. The list also saves us from buying in ministores or sari-sari store which sells products a bit more expensive and hurts our finances. 

6. We buy ingredients that we can use in different recipes.
Some ingredients are just too pricey and cannot be bought in a teaspoon or a tablespoon. In such case, we make sure that when we buy something, we have a list of recipes which use the same ingredients so it won’t be put in to waste. A great example is a jar of Molasses which we use for baking. 🙂
7. Always check what’s inside the fridge.
Mom’s favorite hobby is checking every little container in the fridge to make sure that we use and consume all the things that we have stored inside. We also transfer small portions of cakes or food into smaller containers to save space in our fridge. 
Do you have tips that you want to share on how you manage wastage and eliminate food wastage?

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