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How Strong Are You? Take the FREE #EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge!

July 26, 2015
I always want to think that I am strong for someone who doesn’t do much workout. When there’s an opportunity to stretch muscles or get physical, I embrace it like it is like any other simple activity. I tired trekking, climbed up the Great Wall, shopped the whole day.
Thankfully, my body strength is average for my body and age. But I know I can do better if only I have the discipline to continue the routine regularly. The beauty about having a strong body is that you can do more. I believe that being weak is not life-threatening, it is lifestyle-threatening.
So how does one measure strength? Ensure introduced the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge. The daynamometer is used to measure one’s grip strength. Did you know that Hand Grip strength is recognized marker of nutritional status and an indicator of muscle function. 

In a physical test, adults with nutrition gaps had almost twice lower hand grip strength, took almost twice longer to stand and five times slower to step up and down compared to age-matched norm

Edu Manzano surprisingly, is not part of the statistics. He’s strong and exudes youthful aura. He’s turning 60 in September but he can still perform and stay active. His secret? He drinks Ensure twice a day. He says that Ensure has all the nutrients he needs. It is convenient to drink and bring around. 

Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr, Medical Director at Abbott Nutrition Philippines explains that being aware of one’s mass levels and gaps in nutrition can prompt you to take charge of your health by mantaining a balanced and an active lifestyle. 
If you wish to know your grip strength, check the select drug stores and leading supermarkets nationwide for the 8,700 activation days of Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge
Mark the Dates for the Culminating Event:
August 22 and 23 – Glorietta
August 29 and 30 Alabang Town Center
September 5 and 6 Trinoma
September 13 Alabang Town Center
Ensure tested our strength via a Cross-Fit training. It was my first time to do it and I was not even prepared..

[to be continued]
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