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[Online Game] Just Roll It: Play Online and Win Real Money

July 28, 2015
How would you feel like traveling around the world and going beyond space to buy a city or planet? One need not leave his/her room to play millionaire and buy properties, host Grand Prix and win the game. 
I just discovered this cool new online game called Just Roll It and I got totally hooked!

Just Roll It is one of the most exciting online board games! Imagine playing Monopoly online with other 4 online gamers and buying properties to build a monopoly and earn more by collecting rent from them until they announce bankruptcy. 

How to Play Just Roll It?

You need to download and install the game and be connected online to play it with other online members. You must also register and choose a character from selection. I chose someone sporty (as inspired by my recent Crossfit experience!) Haha.

There’s a tutorial on how to play the game. It was funny that in the middle of tutorial, someone invited me to play the game and I joined without any clues how to play it!
Yes. basically, I have learned via baptism of fire. 

Just Roll It Design and Colorful Graphics

I seldom play games online and I was quite surprised at how interactive and fun playing Just Roll It is online. It is like playing a board game but your character moves and there are fun animation. 
The difference of playing Monopoly and Just Roll It is – the characters – they have special abilities which can give you an edge on playing the games. The characters’ capabilities can also be boasted by increasing the characters’ level, arming it with special charms or dice.

Check out the details of the Just Roll It game! 
When you build a property, it would show a city landmark!

Playing Just Roll It

Just Roll It can be played by team of two or individual. I was first invited to a Teamed game and we played the Space Map. In Space Map, we buy properties like planets and we establish colonies instead of landmarks. 
I was thinking, I was partly the reason for losing the game. Apologies. 🙂

I tried to finish the tutorial, but another invite came in and I joined. This time around, we played the World Map. We bought properties and built landmarks. It was fun and engaging especially for someone who travels. 
What is more interesting, inside the online game is another game that you can play to earn more cash.  If you made a stop at Las Vegas, you can play a game and win extra moolah! 
For the second themed game, we won the battle! Yey!

I bought London!!!
When you click on the details, you can see your property’s value
When I went back to the tutorial, I was invited once again for another game. This time it was individual game and we played World Map. I kind of got really hooked at playing the game and learning the ways of it. Look, I even bought London and Dubai! I could even choose the host city for the Grand Prix (and when other gamers made a stop on that city, they would be charged higher which means more money for me!).
I unfortunately lost the game but I played second. It didn’t occur to me that playing an online game would fuel the competitive spirit in me. I joined another round and this time, I made sure that I won the game. 

How to Win in Just Roll It Online Game?

Line Victory – when you own cities and landmarks in one line of the board
Tourism Victory – when player owns 6 tourist spots – 4 islands and 2 beaches.
Triple Victory – when player own 3 monopolies of different colors.
or when the other players went bankcrupt!

Just Roll It Tricks and Tips

I love that Just Roll It Online Game is not just a game for entertainment, but it also enhances one’s decision-making and money-management skills. A player must know when to buy or acquire properties and choose which cities to destroy (given the opportunity).

There is also a stop called Dessert Island or Andromeda when player would miss 3 turns to play. There are ways to get out of Andromeda though – but player must know when to use it.

Winning Cash from Just Roll It

Just Roll It Online Game is not just about virtual money and properties. Interestingly, I found out that you can win real cash weekly worth Php1,000 or Php 62,000 on monthly raffle. Each player is also qualified to win a total prize pool of one million pesos!
I will update this blog once I win real money, but for now you can download Just Roll It at and experience the fun of playing millionaire and winning against other honchos online! 

Have you tried playing Just Roll It? 
What do you think of this online game?

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