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Kitchen Appliances for First-Time Cooks

July 18, 2015
Here’s a sad kitchen story: mom and I cooked/fried Lechon Kawali – and it was such a struggle to fight against and dodge the flying cooking oil. It bursts like fireworks everytime we would turn the pork belly. I was hit several times in my hand and arms. This scenario is the very reason why I don’t like to work in the kitchen. 

Thankfully, there’s a way to cook pork belly and make Crispy Lechon Kawali without oil and flying oil! You simply put the pork belly inside the Philips Air Fryer, set the timer and do your thing (moms do your mommy duties and bloggers do your blogging). As simple as that.
I have witnessed and tasted the Crispy Lechon Kawali cooked via Philips Air Fryer. It was as good as the ones that we usually order from Icebergs that even first time cooks can prepare it.

The innovative new upgrade from Philips Air Fryer was demonstrated by Chef Nancy Lumen who also launched her new cookbook that day. Featured throughout the cookbook are Philips Kitchen Appliances that may be used in the preparation of recipes such as Philips Food Processor, Philips Digital Air Fyer, Philips Electric Pressure Cooker and Philips Juicer. 

Chef Nancy is a food writer and critic, an advocate of good health through eating. She’s a woman of so much energy and life. Today, I bumped into her at Aristocrat in Manila and I got even more surprised with another discovery about her – she’s also a singer 🙂 


The Epicurius Restaurant in Shangri-la Mall served like a playground to first-time cooks who prepared the dishes with Chef Nancy. We have seen a kid prepare a mayonnaise, and bloggers who cooked Callos, Crispy Lechon Kawali and green juice!

I am so crushing over the Philips Pressure Cooker,  Philips Air Fryer and Philips Juicer because I really want to try green juice (inspired by the #BenjimanFoodTV!)
I know mom would be as excited as I am about the Air Fryer and cookbook! 
Ending this post now so we can get busy in the kitchen.
The cookbook will be given away as a gift to customers who would purchase Php5,000 worth of Philips Home Living products starting August 1. 
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