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Why You Should Drink More Great Taste White (Coffee)

July 21, 2015
The big question: why you should drink more Great Taste Coffee White?

Well, 5 sachets of Great Taste White could equate to 3 Million Pesos (again, not 1 million but 3 Million Pesos!).

The next big question: What Would You Do with 3 Million Pesos?!
Great Taste White is making everyday wins even greater with the Choose Great, Win Great Raffle promo – the biggest raffle promo to date with over 27 million worth of prizes to be given away.
To give us a sample of how BIG this promo is, Great Taste raffled off BIG PRIZES earlier during the press launch.  We send in our entries with 5 empty sachets of Great Taste White for a mock raffle. The prizes? Think Robinson’s Shopping Sprees, 5 iPad Minis, 2 iPhone 6, roundtrip tickets via Cebu Pacific, trip to Bali and trip to Australia!
Some of my blogger friends left with a big smile. I didn’t win anything during the press launch. But I am hopeful to win the grand prize of 3 million pesos! #thinkBIG

How to Win at the Choose Great, Win Great Raffle

We are going back to basics of buying products, keeping the sachets and sealing them in an envelope! 
1. Collect 5 empty sachets of any Great Taste White variant (Smooth & Creamy, Smooth & Creamy Sugarfree, Smooth & Caramelly and Smooth & Chocolatey) or 1 BigSAVE Pack. 

2. Put in a plain white envelope with a piece of paper with the following details:



Mailing Address


Store Outlet where product is purchased

Email Address

3. Drop at drop boxes located in participating stores, supermarkets and outlets nationwide.

Choose Great, Win Great Raffle Prizes

Now, these prizes would get you excited as much as we did during the launch. 
The promo will have 4 regional draws in five areas: Greater Manila Area, North Luzon, South Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. 
Regional Draw Winners and Prizes:
Php 200,000 (1 winner)
Php 100,000 (1 winner)
White Macbook Air (2 winners)
iPhone 6 (2 winners)
White iPad Mini (6 winners)
Grand Prize/s
Php 3 Million in Cash (1 winner)
Toyota Vios 1.3 E M/T (8 winners)

“Through Great Taste White: Choose Great Win Great Promo, we aim to let more consumers savor greater wins, This is also one way to thank our consumers for making Great Taste White the leading brand in the white coffee segment” said Lance Gokongwei, Universal Robina Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer. 

To make the winning moment even a greater experience, the Grand Prize Winner will get an exclusive sneak peek into the Pinoy Big Brother experience. He/she will receive a VIP tickets to the PBB: 737 Big Night, tour the PBB house and get to meet and greet PBB: All In Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga. 
Yes ladies.. Daniel Matsunaga joined us during the launch of the Choose Great, Win Great Promo. I love how cool and real he is. When asked what he would do with 3 million pesos? He said if he has that money, he’ll set aside a portion for his family and future. 
I should probably think of things to do with 3 million pesos too. First thing on the list – to go see places! 
This is indeed a big promo with such great prizes. I missed collecting sachets and joining raffles so it is awesome for Great Taste to bring this old-school way of joining raffles! I am a Great Taste coffee drinker but I might switch to Great Taste White (Smooth and Caramely for me!) to win! 
It is true that the more entries you send, the more chances of winning. Earlier, (Ate) Myrns Roman had been picked more than 3 times! It was even crazier when she won the grand prize – trip to Australia for two!  It was indeed her lucky day! 
Cheers to all the winners earlier and here’s to greater things to come!
The surprises of Great Taste and Daniel didn’t end with the raffle. We were asked to finish our coffee and check out mugs. This is Marjorie’s mug with Daniel’s autograph. She went home with iPad Air 😉 
What would you do with 3 million pesos?
Choose Great, Win Great Promo
Promo Period: August 2 to September 18, 2015
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