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How to Choose the Best Blush Color for Your Skin Tone

August 26, 2015
Rightly chosen and purchase blush color can do many amazing tricks. From making your face look slimmer to creating an illusion of strong bone structure, you can’t deny that blush is not one of the most needed items in your makeup bag. So to use it all as much as possible and to get the best results, you need to know that shades of blush suits your skin tones the best. All you need to do is to detect what kind of skin you have (fair, medium, or dark) and then you can go shopping! After that, you will look stylish and well put together, because a right blush works like magic.

Fair Skin

To make your face look more vibrant and alive, you need to look for specific blush shades. There are mainly two shades what will work for you the best. It is pink and peach shade. These shades will complement your skin tone the best without overpowering other face features. It will also help you to create healthier look too (some people say that fair skin ladies look ill all the time). You can also try to use other light colored shades. But the key is a light application. Too much product or the use of saturated hues will create a heavy look and ruin your fair look. So play it cool and smooth and you will look the best!
Medium Skin

As fair skin women, medium skin ladies can also bravely pull pink and peach type of shades. But you should probably want to take these colors a step further by applying a deeper shade of each to make a brighter look. Rich pink and even certain shades of mauve will leave you with a dramatic look. To make a better look and to know where to not miss the shot, stay away from blush colors that have a bluish undertone. If your skin tone isn’t right on point, you’ll be left with what looks like bruised cheeks. So look for brighter pink or peach shades and look amazing every day!
Dark Skin

Finally, ladies with darker skin complexion can shop for products that have deep shades of red, orange and brown. These are the ideal blush colors for those ladies with dark skin. These colors, unlike light powder pinks, will leave you looking radiant and shine from the inside, instead of washed out. Try a fuchsia shade (think dark radiant orchid) if your skin tone tends to be warmer. Or a bold tangerine if it is cooler. You will never miss a shot of looking great if you use these blush shades. I can guarantee!
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